Friday, March 11, 2011

Colton's 2 Year Old Photos

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We had Colton's picture taken today. At first, I didn't think it was going to happen. I mean, I scheduled the appointment early enough that wouldn't cross with Colton's nap time. I was so hoping he would be good for us because it has been a while since we've had his picture taken professionally or what was supposed to be professional. That's another story in itself.

As we were waiting patiently for our turn to have our picture taken, Colton was in such a good mood. He found the footballs in one of the studios at Portrait Innovations. He made somewhat of a connection with one of the photographers. Unfortunately, the guy wasn't our photographer. (bummer) Our photographer was late and she had about as much life in her as a dead fish. I'm hoping she was new because she had absolutely NO CLUE. It's bad when the customer tells you what you need to do and how to put your set together. My word, Doug even had to tell her when a picture wasn't centered. Ugh! During our photo session, the girl wouldn't interact with Colton (a 2 year old, mind you). About as interactive as she would get was "okay, let's sit down or can you stand up". Ugh! I tried to help her out, Doug and I tried to act silly to get Colton to laugh. Honestly, I think he sensed how unfriendly she was and was not going to give her anything. FINALLY, another photographer came over and helped out by talking and acting silly to Colton. The girl was so determined to get a shot of Colton standing up in the white background. Ugh! I told her that we had enough shots and I didn't want to ruin his mood. I flat out told her that when working in this field, you have to work with what the children want to do, not what she wants to do. From my own experience, IT. DOESN'T. WORK.  

When Katie and Alise were 2 years old, Laura and I had the girls dress alike in our favorite color, Crimson and White.  Roll Tide!  The pictures turned out to be adorable.  I'm so glad that we decided to do the Bama theme.  Colton just loved the fact that he got to hold and throw a football.  LOL! 


Allison said...

I know what you mean about the photographer, I have has some fantastic ones with Portrait Innovations and I have had some that make me do EVERYTHING!
I don't know what these people expect from a 2 year old, but THEY have to interact with them! Not Mommy, or else my child will not engage at all! I'm still trying to get a cute photo of Arwen for her 2 year old shot. Did you use PI in Huntsville or Hoover?

your friends the keyes said...

Where are you at mirya? I posted pics of lilly in katies old clothes. Take a peek when you get a chance. Missing reading your blog. ;-)