Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Doctor Visit

Colton Update
Colton had his 2 year old check up and everything is good. He is growing like a weed. He weighs 27 pounds and is 35 inches tall. He is in the 70th percentile in his growth.

I love the age he is in right now. There are so many things that he does that reminds me of Katie at this age. He is constantly busy and talks all the time. Of course, he tries to push my buttons like any other 2 year old. He loves hats, balls, cars, playing outside, Mickey Mouse, trains, and the show "The Suite Life On Deck".

Katie Update
Katie was sick all last week with a mysterious virus. The school nurse called me last Tuesday, saying Katie had a fever of 102 temperature and complains of a headache. The next day, I began freaking out because her temperature rose to 103.7 degrees. The only symptoms were a very bad headache and tummy ache. She never did anything else. We were able to get in and see Dr. Lunsford that afternoon to get checked out. He checked her over and he ran tests for the flu, but they all came back negative. She just had another virus. My gosh, we've been bombarded with virus' this past year. He told me to keep doing what I was doing, alternate Advil and Tylenol until the fever and symptoms were gone. Needless to say, she was out of school the rest of the week. In fact, she still didn't feel all that great during the weekend. I really didn't know if we should have Colton's birthday party because of her not feeling good. After much research, prayer and lots of discussing the situation with Doug, we went ahead and had the party. I kept medicine down her all weekend. As long as she had medicine in her the fever and headaches were gone. By Sunday night, I was mapping out a plan as to who would be watching Colton, while I took Katie back to the doctor. After much needed prayer later that night, her fever stayed gone. YAY! Doug and I kept checking in on her through out the night, but she was fine. By Monday morning, she was ready to go to school. I've never been so happy to see her go to school. She's still doing good, but she is really tired after I pick her up from school.

My Doctor Visit
Thank you for all the prayers, I absolutely felt them because I stayed calm and at peace.

I met with a Neurosurgeon, Dr. Clark, yesterday. It just so happens Dr. Clark is my mother's doctor as well. After viewing the MRI of the tumor and checking my Prolactin level, he feels that we can treat it with a low dose medication. Normally your Prolactin level is 20 whereas mine is 30, which isn't as high as Dr. Clark thought it would be after seeing the size of my tumor. I'm to take this medication for 6 months in hopes to either sustain the size of the tumor or shrink it. When my 6 months are over, I'm to have a second MRI done. He assured me this is a slow growing tumor and it's not cancerous. We will keep our eye on it for some time.

Prayer Request
I've been asking prayer for my aunt Mary and mother.  I would like to ask you to please continue the prayers.  One of my cousin's, Karen, wrote me about aunt Mary.  She's still in the nursing home because she is too weak to go home.  Apparently her children have decided to make the nursing home her permanent residence.  I absolutely hate it.  She is such a sweet soul and the thoughts of her being kept in a nursing home, kills me.  I just hope my relatives that live in Ohion will visit her often.  Aunt Mary will celebrate her 101st birthday soon. 

My mother underwent a Myelogram yesterday morning and will meet with Dr. Clark about the results today.  He seems to think she might have another pinched nerve some where. 

A friend of mine is going through a very hard time right now and needs our prayers.  Her husband could either be transferred to another state or lose his job.  They've got their house up on the market.  Please lift her and her family up in your prayers.  Thank you!   


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Allison said...

You are such a sweetheart! Thanks for the prayers, we definitely need them! Travis was having a hard time with it yesterday watching Anya play on her swingset...he kept saying how bad he feels because this is all she knows. Its such an incredibly trying feeling, the uncertainty of things.
I'm so glad that all you have to do is take medicine for the tumor. I have been praying for you on that too! We really need to have a Mom's Nite Out sometime soon! :)
Can't wait to see your Easter decorations!
Big hugs to you!