Monday, March 28, 2011

Train Themed Birthday Party

Whell, I posted about the big birthday party yesterday, but noticed that the pictures were not showing. Apparently Blogger had some trouble, so we shall try this again. I just won't repost all the details.
A full view of the party decorations

I made a template as to how big I wanted the banner out of regular printer paper and began cutting scrapbook paper, using the template.  I glued two triangle shaped scrapbook paper together.  Designed circles with Colton's letters and printed them.  I cut them out and glued them onto the triangles.  Lastly, punch holes to fish the ribbon through the holes. 

Using the 2" scalloped punch.  On the computer, I created several different labels (2, Choo-Choo, picture of a train, Colton's 2, etc.).  Print the labels, cut and glued them onto the scalloped circles.  I took 2 circles and glued them together with a toothpick in between. 

Train Instructions - CLICK HERE

A better view of the dot garland.  I used a 2" scallop and 1" circle punches that I purchased from Hobby Lobby for less than $10 each.  I glued two scalloped dots between a 8 lb fishing line.  Spacing the dots about 2" between each other, I alternated between the 1" circle and 2" scalloped, as shown.  You can make you garland as long as you want. 

A picture of momma and her baby boy.

Colton did not want to have his picture taken, instead he wanted to PLAY!

I love Katie's expression in this picture. 

My parents gave him the Lightning McQueen cap and he loves his new "Meme" movie aka "Mickey Mouse" that my niece Whitney and her husband gave him. 

. . . and the finale.  His very own John Deere tractor.  It comes with a trailer, but he has to learn to drive the tractor before riding around with the trailer. 

He seems to like his tractor, but . . .

he gets more tickled while watching his sissy drive his tractor around the yard.  All of us, began giggling at Colton laughing at Katie.  Too cute.

Birthday wishes were granted.  I think Colton had a very good birthday party.  :)


Laura said...

Everything looks wonderful, Mirya! You did such a wonderful job! I wish we could have been there! Colton looks so big on his John Deere! What a great present!! Happy Birthday Colton!!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful decorations, great ideas! Thanks for sharing!