Sunday, July 31, 2011

Happy Anniversary Dad & Mom!

Today, dad and mom celebrated their 56th wedding anniversary. Us girls decided it would be easier to go out to eat this time. We met at a local steakhouse restaurant, A.J.'s Steakhouse, for dinner tonight. I think mom and dad really enjoyed themselves. I believe about 19 of us were able to show up plus mom and dad. Our family has gotten so big that it's harder and harder each year for all of us to come together. You should see us at the table. You might have 4 different conversations going all at once. This is because when we do have a get together like this, we have to hurry up and catch up from the last time we saw each other. It's funny. A couple of times, Susan and Maryann were talking to me and all I could say was "I can't hear you."

Mom and dad are doing well for their age.  Dad's as hard headed as always.  I've been concerned as I'm sure my other sisters, about mom's bruising.  I realize that older people's skin gets thin and somewhat easy to bruise, but mom's condition seems to be a little more than that.  She's not on blood thinners, but if she just taps her arms or leg on something, she has a huge bruise.  I believe she goes to the doctor tomorrow.  I thought Maryann told me that the doctor put her on iron, but it was mass chaos as I was asking mom about it.  Mom told me that she wasn't on iron, but I just have to call her tomorrow and find out again. Maryann told me yesterday that mom was concerned about her ankles swelling up again.  They will get as big a softballs at times.  She said that the doctor gave mom some water pills in hopes that it will help the swelling.  Dad has his garden again this year.  Such a HOT year to have a garden, but it keeps him going.  He doesn't do as much as he use to, but he still goes to the gym and piddles around there.  They've gotten at the age where they don't like to go any where but home.  I was surprised that Maryann got them to go out to eat tonight.  The only places they do go is their doctors, church and every now and then, their children's houses to visit.  LOL! 

We were happy to see Nicholas back home from Springhill. He came up from Mobile, picked up his mom and went straight to the restaurant. LOL! I don't see how he does it sometimes. Actually, he spent most of his Summer vacation, working/shadowing down in Louisiana at Tulane University in New Orleans. Right now, his minor will be in Chemistry. He was offered this past Spring to stay at Tulane during the Summer and do chemical research. I can't go into what exactly he did while he was there, 'cause it is way over my head. He was offered a job while he was there. His boss wants him to come back after he graduates next Spring and work in research and get a full ride to Tulane University. His dream job is to be an ER doctor because he likes the action, but who would pass up a paid tuition and job at an upscale university. Plus, he has told me over and over how much he wants to live in Baton Rouge and raise his family there. I think what scares him a little is that he wants to become an MD so bad and he can become that in Louisiana at Tulane, but it will take a little longer than what he had planned.  He has a lot on his plate that's not what he planned and he has to seriously look back and find out what he wants. Personally, I think he should take the deal, but he's got a lot to think and pray about. Please remember him in your prayers.

I hardly ever get to see Ryan and he's been back from Duke for over a year.  He has been working so hard on his graduates through UAB.  Right now, he is finished with the book work and he is currently assigned to UAB hospital for his clinicals.  Maryann tells me that UAB will move the students around to different hospitals throughout the state.  The young lady Ryan is currently seeing was assigned to a different hospital than Ryan.  It's a bummer, I'm sure.  They went from seeing each other all the time at school and studying, to seeing each other every once in a while.  Hopefully, they both will be assigned to the same hospital before the year is up.  I guess they are hoping to get their degree this time next year.  I am so excited for them. 

Natalie gets to move into her apartment next week.  Hooray!  She is so excited to start UAH and basketball season, it's not funny.  Luckily, she will be moving right by our favorite pizza restaurant, MELLO MUSHROOM.  I just love their pizza.  Natalie and I already have plans to meet there for lunch when she doesn't have to study, class or playing basketball.  LOL!  This will probably be a long time.  I'm excited for her.  I think she hates the fact that she won't get to see Nathan as much as she has been, being closer to home. 

Of course, me and my nieces got to do some catching up regarding baby showers and weddings, while we were at the restaurant. I'm going to wait until after Christmas before I get serious about finding Katie's flower girl dress for Leslie and Chase's wedding. I've been wanting to get with Leslie regarding ideas on how she wants Katie to look and let her know that I expect Katie to take a growth spurt around Christmas, like last year. Thankfully, the wedding isn't until May. YAY! Leslie has been so busy with working at Helen Keller Hospital and school that she has completely left it up to me and my taste regarding Katie's dress and how her hair looks. COOL! Right now, Katie has shot up a size from a 6X to 7 in dresses. I KNOW! I'm hoping once she gets back into gymnastics and P.E., she'll shed some of the weight. So, I'm all ears when it comes to suggestions of places to shop for a nice, pretty white flower girl dress.

I got rid of some of Colton's clothes yesterday. YAY! Whitney came over after her baby shower, hosted by her mother-in-law. I showed her everything we had. She picked out a lot of sweet sweet outfits along with other necessary items that mamas do not need to live without. I think I've introduced to her a few things, she didn't know that she would need. For instance, I gave her my handy bottle warmer that works great on road trips. We had a good time, swapping stories and comparing notes. Maryann and I prepared her for what's to come. She's a nurse, so I'm sure she had some idea of what to expect. Poor Natalie heard it for the first time, apparently, in my Living Room. She finally said that she's having second thoughts about having children now. LOL! We explained that it's not that bad after it's all said and done. Shoot. If I can have two babies and survive, anyone can have them. I'm the biggest wimp there ever was. LOL!

I finally got the animal print ribbon trees finished and ready to deliver. I made Katie two paper globes to hang from her ceiling this afternoon. She loves them! She wants more to hang up, but I think it will be too much. I've got to make Colton's sports paper globes to hang from his ceiling and then I've got to start on the baby shower Thank You notes that will be attached to the chocolate rolled stick pretzels in their gift baggies. I think Natalie said that her and Leslie were going to start on those in a couple of weeks. By that time, I've got to have my 40+ cards finished and ready to tie around the pretzels. YAY! Y'all will have to stay tuned to see them. I used the exact same thank you poem for my baby shower, when I was pregnant with Katie. It is precious!

Y'all stay cool!

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