Monday, February 11, 2013

Be Aware Bloggers

I just felt like I should pass the news along to those that have blogs and are not aware of the rapid spammers. I might be the only one that has a target mark on my blog, but I've noticed for the past several months the spam comments. Because I had a couple of bad run ins on bad comments from strangers, I decided to adjust my permission authorization section of my blog. This happened about 3-4 years ago.  If you send me a comment, I have to approve it before it is published to my post. After deleting several bogus comment spams the other day, I got to thinking you may not be aware. You might want to consider adjusting your authorization for comments as well. Several of these spam comments were for posts that I wrote years ago. Of course, the spam comments encourage you to visit their website. Now when I was a new blogger, it wasn't anything unusual for someone to add their blog site to a comment. All of them at first were just for the new moms.  I deliberately joined associations for new moms or Southerners that encouraged each of us to visit one another and add a nice comment.  To this day, I still follow several of their blogs because we have common interests. Lately, the comments I receive are anonymous and they may add a very lengthy comment. Saying how much they enjoyed reading my post. How informed they were after reading my post and for me to visit their website. At first, I checked out a couple of these websites just to find out that they were selling something like herbs or office equipment. It had nothing to do with my post or what I'm about. A lot advertise adult merchandise or videos and they always leave their website.   Yes, you've got it.  Porn and other disgusting websites are trying to leak into this momma's blog.  I'm outraged!   If your permission is open to the world, you may never see these comments because they will more than likely be published on very old posts. Because of my permission status, I receive an email every time someone tries to leave a comment. I have had these same people try several times posting their advertisements or absurd comments and then tell me that something is wrong with my blog because they noticed that their comment was not showing. {AH - HA!}

Here is an actual spam comment that I received just this morning: Nice post. Ӏ used to be сhеcking conѕtantly this ωeblog and I am inspired! Extremеlу helpful information pаrticularly the closing рhase : ) І deal with such informatiοn a lot. I ωaѕ lοokіng for this certain infο for a long time. Thank you and best of luck. Stop by my page : long term payday loans on Don't Underestimate Satan 

Now just by looking at the title of my post "Don't Underestimate Satan" clearly has nothing to do with "long term payday loans."  Come on people!  I'm telling you these company "scam" web pages are trying everything they can to get anyone to open up their website.  More than ever in this day and time, it can be more dangerous for you to search around and accidentally open up a bogus website.  I heard on the news several weeks ago, someone was searching around the web looking for information on something particular.  He clicked on a link that looked promising.  As soon as he clicked a message popped saying that his computer was being held hostage and he had to pay a specific amount of money to kill the virus.  He had an up-to-date anti-virus software, but it didn't help.  In order to un-freeze his computer, he did have to pay the amount.  It's an outrage!  No one is safe any more.  At first, it was don't click links of sites that sends you email messages and now you can't even do research online.  I hope it doesn't happen to me, but you never know.  Now, I know Google is trying to put a lid on all the spam comments, but you will find that a lot of them slip through the system.

Protect yourself! 

If you would like to moderate your blog comments, but don't know how. I would be glad to tell you where to go.

  1. Right now, pull up your Google Dashboard.
  2. Click the settings. 
  3. Click the option Posts and comments 
  4. Under Comments, look for Comment Moderation.
  5. Switch from Never to Always.
  6. You will find a box below "Email moderation requests to," this is where you need to type in your email address.  
Now I must warn you, your message box will go from zero to 100 emails in one day.  LOL!  I'm just exaggerating, but you will see a difference.  

I'd also like to let those that are trying to send me bogus spam comments.  Please stop!  You are not accomplishing anything, but more work for you.  I just want to help you out.  If you do not follow me or know what my blog is all about, here I go.  
  • My blog is to keep sweet memories of my life for my children to read (when they are so bored) when they are adults.  I try to post quick stories that I would love to remember always. 
  • I have family all over the world and this is one way to keep in touch.  
  • I'm a mom with young children.  
  • I like to post things that interest me, which includes: food, crafts, art and some times fashion.  
If you see that you can't contribute to any or all of these subjects, MOVE ON.  Unless something drastic happens and it's out of my control, you will not be able to add your disgusting or unrelated web pages to my site.  Don't try!  

Until then, I hope you have a very blessed day! 


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