Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Chew bacca, Chew bacca, Chew bacca, SPIT!

I'm on a roll with sharing Youtube videos, so I thought I would share with you Doug's new favorite Redneck song by Blake Shelton "Boys 'Round Here." He goes around the house singing "chew bacca, chew bacca, chew bacca, spit!" Because the only music I ever get to hear anymore is Kids Bop CDs, I had no idea where he was getting this from. He told me that it was a new song, he thought it was called "Redneck." Then, we had the CMT music videos on this past weekend and what video came on but "Boys 'Round Here." Doug yelled for me to come into the room and see this video. It was his new favorite song. I have to admit, as red as it could ever be, it has a catchy tune.


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