Sunday, July 21, 2013

Birthday Party Time Part I - Katie's Swim Party

I do believe this has been the easiest and cheapest birthday party, I've ever thrown for my daughter. Normally, I go all out with renting bounce houses, making or purchasing tons of party decorations, the whole house looks like Party City threw up all over it. I've been told the older the children get, the easier and cheaper it would be to throw them nice parties. I hope it will continue because I actually enjoyed myself and was stress free.

Every year, I leave it to Katie as to what kind of party she wants, what she wants to do and who she will invite. I gave her tons of suggestions and ideas, but all she wanted was a pool party with a few of her friends. Wow! We reserved the party room for a very reasonable price, where we go swim. We had the kids come to the Aquatic Room for the actual party before going off swimming and having fun. I won't mind it at all, if this is what Katie and Colton would want every year for their birthday party. We didn't have a huge mess, but I didn't take a lot of food and decorations either. I really didn't feel it was necessary to have a bunch of decorations or food because all kids want to do is go swim. It felt strange for me to actually sit back and talk to the parents. Very nice!

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Katie's birthday theme this year is Lalaloopsy. She is a crazy Lalaloopsy collector. I had to make something to go along with the theme, it was killing me. I thought the loot bags turned out cute. I punched out 2" scalloped circles and threaded ribbon threw to resemble buttons, which goes along with the whole Lalaloopsy thing. LOL! Katie loved them! Her happiness is all that matters. {smiling} 

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I decided not to make the cupcakes for this party because I knew that I would be making the family birthday party cakes. Besides, we found the popsicle plastic rings at Walmart and fell in LOVE. They just say summer, pool party and FUN!

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We were so glad the whole group got to come. I believe everyone had a good time. The hard part is when it's all over and time to go home. Colton was worn out, but he fought it because he DIDN'T want to go home.
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Yes, Katie finally got IT! She has been begging for an American Girl for two years. She is a little more responsible with her things, so daddy and I gave in this year. I hate that she knew everything she was getting from us, but I wanted her to be sure. It was a HARD decision for her.  After all, there were the historical, doll of the year, itty bitty, twins and the dolls made to look like you.  Which doll do you choose? After much deliberation and watching the new American Girl movie, she chose Saige. She had an opportunity to watch the movie at a spend the night party at her friend, Emma's house. Emma's mommy told me that Katie's eyes didn't leave the screen the entire time. She really liked the movie, so we got it to add to our library. As soon as she got home from Emma's, she told me that she made up her mind and was not changing this time. Saige was the doll for her. I think she made a wise choice, she is a very pretty doll. Most American Girl dolls come with their own books. Katie is currently reading "A to Z Mysteries, White House White-Out" by Ron Roy. She says it's an okay book. I don't think she likes mystery novels as well as silly and funny ones. As soon as she finishes this book, she will dive into "Saige" by Jessie Haas. I think she will enjoy it better because she will be reading about her doll.

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It was a good day for a party!  I want to personally thank Doug for helping me out.  I would not have been able to do it all without you.  Thank You and I Love You!


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Laura said...

What a fun party, Mi! You did a great job! We got Alise Saige for Christmas. It arrived last week - with a fiasco to boot! More on that later.