Monday, July 8, 2013

Summer Movie Reviews and Colton's Favorite Music Video Evah!

I believe it's been a pretty good summer as far as blockbuster movie selections. Just my opinion. Last month, we all loaded up and watched "Man of Steel" in 3D. We were not too sure if Colton would keep the glasses on his face. He was so fired up ready to watch his favorite superhero, Superman. I'm surprised he didn't wear his costume to the movie theater. I must warn you, the movie was a little violent. We had a huge talk before we decided to go watch the movie. Our kids know the difference between pretend and real. We have enough talks about it. I loved the Superman movies in the late 70s and 80s, so I was excited to see how this Superman would stand up to Christopher Reeves. Man, he was so handsome in those movies. The special effects are a whole lot better now than they were in the 70s and 80s. Can you say CHEESY?!? I REALLY liked the new Superman. Cute.

  Personally, I give "Man of Steel" two thumbs up.

I could not wait to watch "Safe Haven" after reading the book by Nicholas Sparks. We tried to make it to the movie theater to see it, but it just didn't happen for us. I wrote a book reviewHERE. I absolutely loved the book.  A few days ago, I noticed the "Safe Haven" was already out in Redbox.  One quiet day, Doug and I finally sat down and watched it.  Yeah, it differed some what from the book, but it was still good.  Doug even liked it.  Very good story line and would absolutely recommend it to any movie lover.

Another on our summer movie list to watch is "Despicable Me 2". We haven't seen it yet, but have heard that it's great. We've seen the first movie and it was so funny, even for adults. McDonald's Fast Food are including toy minions with their Happy Meals. The kids love theirs.


We are "Monsters Inc." fans. I just love Sully. He is so soft and cuddly. "KITTY!" When we first heard about the movie "Monsters University" coming out, the kids' eyes lite up. It wasn't long before we began to see the new merchandise being stocked on Walmart's shelves. Colton LOVES the stuffed animal Sully, but it's $30. Too much for this mama to fork over right now for no reason. We may have to ask Santa to step in on this one. Of course, we will have to watch the movie.



I have to share one of Colton's absolute favorite music videos. What a combination? The Avengers with Psy's "Gangham Style". LOVE IT! We have the Kids Bop 23 version of "Gangham Style" #16 on the CD. Can you tell that I've heard this song maybe one too many times? YEAH!  What parents do for their children.  They are my babies.  I don't mind listening to a song that I don't understand the words a million times a day.  It makes my babies no fight, scream, or cry.  It's always a good day, when they don't do those things.


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Laura said...

We took Alise to see Dispicable Me last week. Wayne and I hadn't seen the first one, but she had. The second one was really cute! I think y'all will like it.

Glad to hear about y'all going to see Uncle James and Vonell. I'm glad they are doing ok.