Friday, July 2, 2010

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Movie Review
Remember Me starring Robert Pattinson
This movie didn't touch me on a personal note, but I thought it was very heartfelt.  I mean, my life couldn't compare to the storyline, but it was touching.  I will try to be careful, so I won't give any details away.  The relationship Tyler had with his little sister was so powerful that I don't believe any force could break.  I felt so bad about the relationship they had with their father.  You just wanted to shake Charles and tell him to wake up.  In the end, I think Charles Hawkins realized what he had missed in the years past and all of his regrets.  But was it too late?  IT'S A MUST SEE!  Please let me know what you think about the movie.  {I cried in the end}

Featured Bloggers
I love to visit my fellow bloggers. For the past few days, I've stopped writing on my blog to take in what other bloggers are writing about. Sometimes, we need to just stop and read whats going on around us. I recently joined Southern Mommas. What I think is so cool about Southern Mommas is that they have subgroups by your favorite state. Me being from the south, I was so happy to see all the Southern Belles, especially in Bama and I got to meet a dear lady from this group Land of Mama Grits. If you have a chance, you've got to read her testimony. You talk about a tear jerker.
Land of Mama Grits

Another blogger, I enjoyed walking into today. Thanks to Alabama Bloggers, I got to meet Life in Bunny Slippers. She seems like quite a funny character and I thoroughly enjoyed reading her funnies and videos. Below are a couple, I'd like to pass along to you.

"Ode to Forgetfulness" posted by Life in Bunny Slippers

I'm still thirty something, so I'm not that old. Watching this funny video relates to me some days. I forget where I leave things, I don't know what I was doing or going before I woke up out of my trance and I'm always getting family members names mixed up. My sisters and mother try to ease my mind (make me feel like I'm not loosing my mind) by saying that I've just got a lot on my mind. {blahahaha!}

I'm sorry, but I found this hilarious! Honestly, it's so true. Carol, if you might be reading this, I want to thank you for the laugh.

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Carol said...

Glad you had a good time at my blog! You have a great blog and I am signing up to follow it! Please feel free to follow mine, too. A good laugh can make a day!