Monday, December 20, 2010

Energy Wanted!

Okay, so I think I need to start taking some of that energy drink. School's only been out for the Christmas Holiday for 3 days and I'm ready to send Katie back to school. Is that wrong? She just loves to push my buttons and aggravate her brother to the point of insanity. She loves pushing my buttons because she'll ask me if I have any more left. When I tell her there might be one more left, she'll take her finger and press it on either my leg or arm. It's as if to say I've pressed your last button. I'm busily decorating the house for the big event. I am down to only one present to wrap and the baking has begun. Shew! I'm tired.

Tomorrow, I've got to finish my door decoration (hanging lights & ornaments)and begin making Christmas Bon-Bons. I plan to make the glass stained sugar cookies this year, but kind of going at it blindfolded. I finally purchased the small cookie cutters today for 1/2 off at Hobby Lobby. I've always wanted to make them. They look so pretty and festive. We'll see how they turn out. I bought plenty of chocolate chip cookie dough because it is the favorite in the family, especially Katie and myself. She still wants to make a few cut out Christmas cookies, so I made sure to get some meringue powder for the icing and food coloring.

Millard and Peggy picked up Katie tonight to spend the night with them. They are planning to go see "Tangled" the new Disney movie. According to the previews, it looks like it would be very funny. I'm glad she'll get to see it.

It appears that I need to apologize for one of my posts.  I received an unusual comment the other day about THIS POST.  Not catching my mistake, I was a bit confused.  I mentioned it to Doug and it prompted him to check it out.  Well, he brought it to my attention that I misspelled "caulk" and instead spelled it "cock".  OOPS!  I blame the late nights and the stress from exhausting long days. The person that made the comment didn't reveal himself or herself, I have a feeling I know who it was.  {Ahem}  However, I would hope you know what I meant, eventhough it is obvious I need to go back to school, be assured that I normally do a spell check on most of my post (just not this one).  HA!     


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your friends the keyes said...

i want to take the girls to see tangled so bad. let me know what katie thinks of it. We have two free movie passes so i was thinking that would be a fun outing this week before christmas. your house is looking so good. keep up the good work. I kinda miss doing home projects. We did so many in our first home it feels weird to live in a brand new one that doesn't need paint or much of anything. i do have a downstairs bathroom that i want to change someday though.