Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Out of Our Lives

When I went to get Colton out of bed yesterday morning, I noticed he had removed his passy from his holder. He has done this in the past, mostly to get attention when he doesn't want to go to bed. He'll throw his passy over the bed rail into the floor, knowing that I would pick it up for him. Well, this time I couldn't find the pacifier. It wasn't in the floor this time. I told him that it's lost. He whined a little, but once he had his milk in one hand and his blanket in the other, he seemed to calm down. Before we left to go to school, I double checked and find it in his bed under a blanket. Not telling him, I hid it in his backpack. I didn't know if we might need it or not.

Later, Millard and Peggy came by and picked him up for the day. I explained the situation to them. I gave them the passy, just in case they needed it. I figured the more Colton thinks that it's gone the better for him to get over it. Last night, Millard told me when Colton would miss it, all they had to do was tell him that he threw it away. He said they had to help him take his mind off of his passy and he would be fine. Peggy said at naptime, he was fine.

At bedtime, he whined and cried a little but did good without his pacifier. I heard him cry out a time or two, but was able to sleep all night without it. YAY! This morning, he looked for his passy. As soon as I reminded him that he threw it away, he seemed fine. Hopefully, the pacifier is out of our lives and won't be coming back.


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