Wednesday, December 22, 2010

What a Surprise

What a surprise I received when my neighbor knocked on our door this morning and gave this to me.  I just love it!  And it goes so well in our Kitchen.  Mrs. E said her daughter made it.  She is so creative.  I've seen these before on Etsy and had it saved on my list of crafts to do one day.
Katie and I finished her Fingerprint Snowman Ornament today.
This is exactly what Katie wanted to do most of the day.
Of course, we both are all snug on the couches tonight for our "Polar Express" party.  The Christmas lights are shining bright as we are watching Christmas movies.  Right now, we are watching "The Chipmunks Christmas Movie".  The moon is full tonight.  I told Katie that it looked like a spotlight shining down on the earth.  Katie suggested it might be Jesus checking on us with his flashlight.  I agreed and added that he might be seeing what we might be up to.  "Yep" she agreed.  



your friends the keyes said...

that wreath is gorgeous. what a nice neighbor. katies story is cue too. happy holidays. love you guys.

Laura said...

Oh!! I love the wreath!! I spent last night holding Alise's hair back while she was throwing up! Yep! The first night of my Christmas vacay and my kid is sick!! I think it was just something she ate! Merry Christmas!