Saturday, December 25, 2010

A White Christmas in the South

We had a lovely white Christmas this morning. I would show you pictures, but unfortunately Blogger has informed me today that I've met my 1 GB storage file. I've checked into the matter and if I delete any of my photos from the Picasa albums, they will also delete from my blog. Ugh! :( I really want my pictures on my posts, so one day to publish my stories and pictures for my children. I suppose I'll have to hurry up and get this journal printed a whole lot sooner than I first thought. Thank goodness for our photosite, Phanfare. For those of you that have access to my file, that is where you'll find the great Christmas pictures until I can get Blogger fixed. If you would like to have access to my photosite (close friend or family members only), please leave me a comment. I also post pictures on Facebook.

Meanwhile, I'll have to tell you the stories without the photos. Last night, our family on my side came over for our annual Christmas Eve party. I think everyone had a great time, I know I did. We did the buffet style with a choice of turkey or ham sandwiches with all the fixin's and desserts galore. Oh my gosh, the stuff that the kids received. Katie kept telling me how awesome everything was that she received. There wasn't one thing she didn't like. In fact, there was a time where she had to disappear, to try things on. She went with her grandparents to see "Tangled" the other day, so Rapunzel is the new thing. What a great surprise for her that she was given a few Rapunzel items. Again, she kept telling me how nice everything was.

We took the opportunity to visit with family members that we haven't seen in awhile. Of course, I made sure that no one got too bored or stayed still for too long. We always have food and drinks for everybody to nibble on. The big entertainment was the Wii "Just Dance" and "Resort". Doug got some video of Susan and Maryann dancing. I took a few photos of our competitors. LOL! Everybody was laughing including the two competitors. It was a lot of fun. Once all of us ladies were wore out from dancing, we pulled out the Resort. Katie absolutely loves to play "Swordplay". It's her favorite and she will beat the pants off of you. You don't have to give her a chance, she doesn't give you the opportunity. I'm trying to teach her to be a good sport when playing games of any kind. Like any kid, she doesn't like to lose. Most of the time, she'll tell you "oh yeah, you just wait. I'll beat you up!" She is quite competitive and actually won a few matches with my sisters and nephew, playing Swordplay. HAHA! Maryann was really trying to win, but walked away with her head hanging low in the end. LOL! I'm just kidding. Actually, I think she was rather surprised how well Katie plays this game. Oh and Katie gets with it. I mean, she jumps up and down as she gets closer to the television. I've had to really talk with her about getting so close because I'm scared that she'll get carried away and end up beating up the TV. My favorite is "Just Dance". You dance your bottom off, but it's a lot of fun. Katie doesn't like playing it with me because I normally score higher than her. LOL! I'll try to have photos and videos posted very soon on Phanfare.

This morning, I was shocked because of all the white on the ground. It snowed most of the day today. We were kind of wondering if we were going to be snowed in because Doug noticed that the snow was sticking to our street, which concerned us both. We had planned to visit Doug's parents for the day. Around noon, the snow began to melt a little, it was wet snow. We tried to keep Katie out of it for as long as we could. She changed clothes so fast this morning that I didn't get to take my Christmas morning picture with her and Colton in front of the tree. She thought we would allow her to go out and play in it. Not hardly. We stuck to the plan, getting ready to head out. Believe it or not, we drove out of here on time, very carefully. His parents live more up on a mountain than we do, so there was a whole lot more snow than at our place. I took a measuring stick and it showed that they received between 3 1/2 - 4 inches of snow. It was pretty much still there when we left tonight.  We gave in and let Katie run around and make Snow Angels.  She had a blast until she began to get cold, in the house she went.  You don't have to tell her twice. 

God has blessed us so much that my cup is overflowing. I could go on and on about all the people and things He has allowed us to come into contact. I wouldn't know where to start and I'm afraid Google would cut me off for not having enough storage space before I could get to the end. Bottomline, Jesus is the greatest gift of all! You can receive all the material items that you could possibly want, but in the end it's worthless. Christ is everything! We try to instill this philosophy to our children. I think Katie and Colton had a wonderful Christmas experience this year and I hope you did as well. 

Love you and Merry Christmas!


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