Saturday, December 18, 2010

A Friend's Party

This afternoon, we went to "J's" birthday party.  J is Katie's little ballet friend and they both go to the same school, us mom's hate it that they are not in the same class.  J turned 6 years old today and I believe both Katie and myself had a great time.  I got to catch up with one of our ballet moms that I haven't see in several months.  There was a house FULL of little girls.  It was so much fun watching those girls, dressing up, acting silly and playing games.  J is a big Barbie fan like Katie, so she had a Barbie themed party.  I loved the cake - heart shaped with Barbie figurine. 

Miss Hollywood - dressing up at the party

The birthday girl!

Happy Birthday J!

All the girls playing "Just Dance Kids" - a Wii game.  Katie loved playing this game, which I'm thrilled because we got her the same game for Christmas, except we got the "Just Dance".  I think it's going to be a hit.  BTW, Katie and little girl beside her danced their little booties' off.  LOL!

The girls playing Twister - Katie's in brown and pink - So funny!

We got to decorate the tree when we got home from J's birthday party - YAY!

Our little stinker!

Colton's mean look

Katie hanging ornaments

Doug told Colton to do the mean look again ~  HAHA! 



Laura said...

Everything looks so great!! I love the colors you picked out. I certainly don't miss the remodeling days, though! We had aggravation with our trim, too and tore it all down and redid it except the spare bedroom. Trim can be expensive, but it can really make a room!

I loved the family photos, too! They look so good!

Laura said...

P.S. Colton's "mean" face totally cracks me up!!