Saturday, December 18, 2010

Updated Living Room

We're finished with the Living Room! I absolutely love it! We painted the walls Churchill Hotel Maple. The chair rails and door frame in Cream Delight. Once the paint completely dried, I went over the top half with lime wash to lighten it up and make it softer. It turned out so nice. Most of all, Doug really likes it. I don't know what it is about him. He starts out hating or thinks I'm crazy when I do a project. When it's complete, he ends up loving it.

This morning, we put all the furniture back. I wanted to take pictures right away, before the kids got ahold of the room and put their mark of existence in it.

Of course, we are not completely finished with the Kitchen and Living Room. I'm waiting until after Christmas to get our curtains for the Living Room. I'm going to need a valance in the Kitchen window, I might be borrowing my mother's sewing machine to make one. We were having problems with our trim in the above the cabinets, so Doug is having to replace the trim. We should have to done by next weekend, so I won't paint above the cabinets until this is fixed. We have tile picked out, but not purchased yet. It's pretty expensive, so we will wait until sometime this coming year, to install. I think the tile will add a lot to the Kitchen, so pretty and goes with the maple/cream perfectly.

The previous owners had filled the cracks between the trim & ceiling with cocking.  Now, the cocking is old and coming apart.  Thus, it looks awful!

Doug will have to replace all the trim from above the cabinets to down the hallway - YAY! (that was sarcastic)

A piece of new trim (goes all the way to the ceil - not a big crack)

We are hoping to replace our appliances within the next couple of years. Hopefully by that time, we can get Katie & Colton's rooms painted and re-decorated. Projects, projects.

Katie was so excited tonight because we actually got to decorate our family tree, along with her and Colton's personal Christmas trees.  Tomorrow, we'll try to get our snow village up.  We're just going to have to take it one day at a time.  I hope to get some baking started on Monday.  Do ya think it can be done?  We shall see. 

Tomorrow night, Katie is suppose to go to church with Grandma Peggy and Paw-Paw Millard.  Santa will be visiting the children.  I told Katie that she needed to make sure that he know exactly which Strawberry Shortcake playset she wants.  She told me, "but mom he already knows what I want."  I'm hoping she'll go, so I can catch up on some gift wrapping.  ;) 


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lol i just read your newer post about the " caulking" incident. so i read further down to see what you were talking about. i'm bored at work right now and wanted to see what the comment said but i guess you didn't post it. lol.. mysterious that they didn't say who it was from.