Sunday, December 19, 2010

Updates & A Christmas Craft

Remodeling Updates
I had to let you know that after church, Henry came out and helped Doug replace the trim above the cabinets. He has a nail gun, which made things much better for all of us. LOL! It didn't take much time to get all the trim up. Doug mentioned last night about going ahead and replacing all the trim down the hallway as well today, but I think I convenienced him to wait until after Christmas. It's not such a sore thumb like above the cabinets was. Henry and Doug did a great job! We had pizza for dinner, to celebrate. I should have taken a few pictures while they were nailing up the trim, but I was too busy running after Colton and decorating the house.

Millard and Peggy took Katie to church with them tonight because they were having their Christmas party with Santa Claus. Katie put on one of her special Christmas dresses, she was ready to remind Santa what she wants more than anything ~ a Strawberry Shortcake Playset. Later, Katie told me that she wasn't shy around Santa Claus. She wrote Santa a letter at school that I've got to take a picture and show you. It's cute.

With Henry and Doug working on the trim, Katie gone with Millard and Peggy and Colton taking a little nap, I got busy putting up Christmas. Oh, I can't wait to show you my front door display. I tried to copy Laura with her front door decoration, but with my own twist. I'm still working on it, but as soon as I'm finished I'll show you. I Love It! I didn't put out all of my Christmas decorations, but I finished around 5PM. I'll take pictures and have a Show and Tell very soon. We have a some old and a little new to share with you.

Christmas Craft
I am so planning on doing this craft with my children, but I wanted to make sure you saw this sweet ornament before Christmas was over. You still have time, so go out and do this ASAP.

Are these cute as a button or what? I just fell in love with them. The idea came from Eighteen25, in order to get the full instructions and to find out what materials you will need.  They are true works of art from your child. These small canvas of snow are actually your child's fingerprints. The rest you just draw with a toothpick. Very simple and easy. I plan to stop by Hobby Lobby tomorrow, in hopes to get some small canvas. Honestly, I didn't know they sold such things. As soon as we do ours, we absolutely share them with you.  If you decide to do these artsy paintings, please share them with us because I would love to see them. 

ND Band at Yankee Stadium Video

This is pretty awesome to watch!

Hawaii Band Formation of a Ball Being Kicked

Really Neat!



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That craft is too cute. Can't wait to see your door display. It sounds like it's going to be cute as well. ;-)