Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Deep Freeze in the South

We woke up at 15 degree weather this morning. I was so prepared to receive at call from school stating that school will be delayed for a couple of hours, but nothing. Instead, we looked like a few Eskimos getting into the vehicle this morning.  We drove by the church and the fountain out front was froze over.  Katie pointed it out to me right away. 

Katie's school has already cancelled classes for tomorrow because a big front is suppose to come through here.  This front will warm things up for the weekend. 

Show and Tell
Do you remember the hard time I had decorating the Gingerbread Haunted House this past Halloween?  No, well here's the post to remind you HERE!  I just knew it would be my last gingerbread house to decorate for many years.  It wasn't long before Katie began, "mom, when are we going to make a Gingerbread House for Christmas?"  Ugh!  I told her more than likely we won't be decorating another Gingerbread House anytime soon.  That was until I discovered this lovely already assembled and decorated Gingerbread House staring right at me as soon as I walked into the Walmart.  About a week ago, I purchased this gingerbread house for the kids for Christmas.  Katie is already wanting to know when we can take it out of it's box. 

Laura posted yesterday about how she's been deliberating on doing the Gingerbread House for Alise.  This post reminded me that I had not shared this little jewel, I found, with you.  I believe I paid $20.  It's pricey, but it is so worth keeping your wrists and fingers intact.  Decorating the last house, the icing was so thick that I had some trouble squeezing it out.  When I finished, my hands were throbbing, but it was worth a smile on my babies' faces. 

This Gingerbread House is not only boxed up, but wrapped to stay intact

I think it's cute and Katie loves it

Colton tries to get his hand in there
Katie Story
I took the kids with me to Lowes to get more supplies for my renovation project.  Katie has a hard time listening to me.  I like to blame the age she's in right now.  LOL!  I had some more paint mixed and they always dab a little on top of the lid, to show you what color you're buying.  I just got through telling Katie not to touch the paint because it might be still wet.  Well, I turned around and she was looking at her finger.  Yep, it had paint on it.  {sigh!}  It looked like she wiped her finger on her pants, but I couldn't find any paint on her clothes.  Ugh!  I finally asked her the big question, "will you finally listen to me when you're married with children of your own?"  Do you know what she asked me?  "Will I be married to Miles?" she asked.  Then she began giggling.  I asked her if she really wanted to marry Miles.  "YEP!" she responded without a second thought.  Little girls, little girls are something else.  All I could do was giggle.  Of course, she added "but I will marry Miles after I graduate from college.  Right mom?"  I'm so glad she's thinking ahead.  Surprised because the last time we talked she didn't want to go to college, instead she wanted to become a mom.  I asked her what made her change her mind about going to college.  She said she needs to go that she wanted to become a ballet teacher.  Sounded good to my ears and her daddy's when I told him the story.

Project Kitchen/Living Room Remodeling
I'm on my 3rd week of remodeling.  The cabinets are finished, as I posted before.  The rest of the walls are coming right along.  I'll try to post a few pictures this weekend.  We'll have to stop painting and remodeling by Saturday because I've got to get to decorating for Christmas.  I do have the Kitchen and hallway painting finished, except for the lime wash and above the cabinets.  I started on the Living Room painting today.  Doug is planning to stay home Thursday and help me finish up.  Roller painting goes much quicker than brush painting, but I have to do some puttying and priming.  Let's not forget that I can't paint while Colton is here.  I am able to paint and do little things during his nap time, so that helps.  Millard and Peggy have been complete angels picking Colton up twice a week for the day.  Bottomline, things are coming together (slowly) and we couldn't be more pleased.  Katie told me today that it's like coming into a different house. 

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Laura said...

The gingerbread house is so cute! Ya'll did a great job!! Colton is getting so big and I'm so glad that he said good-bye to his passy! Can't wait to see more remodeling pics!!