Sunday, February 20, 2011

Mommy, Daughter Conversations Are Priceless!

A Mother, Daughter Conversation On A School Day
I had to write down this conversation I had with Katie. Please keep in mind that she's only 5 years old and not 15. Saying that, I'm sure it will be a glimpse as what we will be dealing with in the next 10 years. LOL!

Me: (Knowing that Katie loves to watch, "Disney's The Suite Life On Deck") Katie, did you know that Zach and Cody have a special coming out in March?

Katie: Yeah, I want to see it when it finally comes out. Mom, who is the cutest? Zach or Cody?

Me: I don't know. Which one do you like?

Katie: (giggles and grinnin' from ear to ear) Cody. {hehe}

Me: Why do you like Cody the best?

Katie: I just do. He is so funny.

Me: Is he the smart one or silly one.

Katie: He's real smart, but funny. Mom, do you like Bailey? I think she is beautiful. Did you know that Colton like London the best?

Me: He does? Why does he like her the best?

Katie: It's because she dresses up in really pretty outfits.

This conversation about the show lasted until we got to school.

One of my nieces and her husband are expecting a baby in October. They just found out, so they really need your prayers.

Anyway, I told Katie but she really wasn't paying attention. I had to get a few things at the grocery store and I mentioned it again. This time, I had her full attention. Her eyes got all big and her mouth fell open. She loves her cousin, Whitney, and she loved the idea of them having a baby. Unfortunately, she wanted the baby to come like the next day. I told her that we had to wait and I reminded her about when I was expecting Colton. Then, the question came out of her mouth. "How many babies is she having?" I asked her how many she thinks that she should have. I think she should have two babies, she answered. Shocked, I asked her if she wanted Whitney to have twins. "Yeah" she agreed with big eyes. Later, she asked me if she was going to have a boy or girl. I told her that we didn't know right now. Well, it really bothered her not knowing what the baby's sex or name was going to be. These questions lasted the rest of the night. I asked her what she thought Whitney should have. "I think she should have a boy and a girl. But mom, what will Whitney name them?" she asked. I told her that we don't know. At bathtime, she asked again about the names. I told her that I thought it would be a good idea if she gave Whitney some suggestions. "I think they should have names that rhyme." she said. After much thought she came up with Lonna and Logan. At bedtime, I got her all tucked in bed, read our nightly story, said our prayers, kisses and lights out. It wasn't 5 minutes before I heard her door shut. "What are you doing out of bed young lady?" I asked. She comes straight to me and whispers in my ear. "Mom, I like the name Lonna, but I think I've changed my mind. I think she should name the girl Charlotte." she said, turned around and went back to bed.

Today, Whitney and Zayne came by and visited for awhile. Bless her heart, she's been so sick. I told them the story about the twins, Charlotte and Logan. They both had a good chuckle, Katie right there beside us listening. I know Whitney appreciated the suggestions and enjoyed the story. Personally, I think Whitney is only focused on getting the next few weeks past her. The other day, she had to go to the hospital because she became very dehydrated.  They went ahead and did an ultrasound.  They only saw one heart beat, but you can't tell Katie that because she wants twins.  LOL!  Whitney is approximately 6 1/2 weeks and the baby seems to be doing just fine.  We are all so excited for them!  I love babies, I'm just glad it's not me.  LOL! 

Prayer Request
Mom's got her back surgery scheduled for Thursday morning.  They are going to go ahead and load her up with probotic meds and take all precautions necessary to avoid the mishaps that happened last time.  NIGHTMARE!   They are going to give mom the option to stay overnight, after the surgery.  But if she is feeling fine and is up and walking around, she could go home if she wanted.  She's getting around good right now, but she is  experiencing some discomfort.  Nothing like it was before.  Before, she couldn't get out of bed.  Right now, she has her good days and bad, but she is able to walk. 

Of course, please remember Whitney and Zayne.  I've already told them that I expect to be on the babysitting list.  LOL!  I have a feeling they won't have a problem finding a babysitter.  

Shopping Day
Thursday, Colton and I stayed the day with mom and dad.  I helped do a little cleaning and visited.  Dad was so nice to fix us pizza for lunch. 

Friday, Doug, Colton and I spent most of the day cleaning out the flower beds, trimming trees/shrubs, lime and fertilize our lawn.  I haven't trimmed back our shrubs in probably 3 years, so they really needed it.  We still have lots more work to do, but we got a good start.  That night, I had to take Tylenol PM because I was so stiff and sore. 

So as a reward for all the work we did, we all went SHOPPING!  Millard and Peggy wanted to check out the new outlet centers in Leeds.  It was a nice day trip.  Katie and Colton were actually a lot of fun shopping with for the first time.  I guess it's because they are getting older.  We didn't stay very long.  In fact, we didn't get to see every shop because Peggy and I were wore completely out.  We really just went to the childrens' shops and toy stores.  I got some good bargains from "Carters" and "OshKosh B'gosh".  The kids, especially Colton, really needed some Spring/Summer clothes and shoes.  He feel in love with a pair of light-up sports ball tenny shoes.  He currently wears a size 6, but he doesn't have a whole lot of room left in them. I grabbed him a cute pair of flip-flops for the Summer.  Katie picked out a dress and a few t-shirts for school.  They have a type of 60/70s flair with lots of differents colors and big 60/70s flowers.  Katie was dying to buy SOMETHING.  I told her to just wait that I wanted to take her and grandma to a very special shop that I thought they would really like.  At the time, I couldn't remember the name.  Then, we saw it "The General Store". As soon as we entered, Katie's eyes lit up "oh, mom you were right.  I do like this place."  They have tons of stuffed animals of all kinds.  Ones that sing, dance, and are very unique.  Katie loved looking at all the dolls and especially the Disney character dolls and statues.  She probably would have stayed in this shop for HOURS, if I let her.  She found the Precious Moments vinyl dolls and feel in love.  They had a few on display that were dressed up as Disney Princesses.  She really LOVED Belle from "Beauty and The Beast", but momma couldn't see paying $50 for a doll.  Luckily, they had smaller dolls with smaller price tags.  I told her that she could have one of the smaller ones as an Easter present from dad and I.  That's all it took.  She picked out a pretty Precious Moments Cinderella doll, but she can't have it until Easter.  She hung on to her box with her special doll.  She let all of us know that it was her special doll and for us to take care of it.  "Watch my doll and don't hurt her" she'd say.  I've been looking for a Train Conductor's hat for Colton to wear during his birthday party.  I've seen them online, but I kind of want to make sure they fit his big head before I buy one.  Peggy and I have seen cute Train Conductor costumes.  I've thought about getting one of them because my kids LOVE to play dress.  I didn't find the hat.  Millard said he saw that Toys R Us sells them, so I need to call around.  We had such a good day and weather made it perfect.

Colton Story
I have to tell this one thing about Colton.  He will be two years old very soon and I can tell that he's changing.  Him hanging around Katie is so cute.  He LOVES his big sister.  He watches and does everything she does.  This can be a good or a bad thing, it depends on what she's teaching him.  He's at the point, when the television is on, he wants to tell you what he wants to watch.  If he doesn't like what's on, he'll hand you the remote control and points to the tv.  If he doesn't like what's on again, he'll holler and point to the remote.  This tells me to change the channel.  If he wants to watch what's on tv, he will try to take the remote out of your hand and put it on the table or he'll point.  It's funny until he because obnoxious when you have a show or program that you really want to watch and here he is hollering.  LOL! 

In the mornings, he likes to watch "Mickey Mouse Playhouse", but in the afternoon it's all about "The Suite Life On Deck" and for some reason he likes back to back shows of "Good Luck Charlie".  Neither one of these shows are cartoons.  I would think that a baby or small child would prefer a cartoon show over a real life show, but not Colt.  He likes to watch "America's Funniest Video" and I always have "Madeline" on standby, when I'm trying to get him to sleep.  He is one of a kind.  I've put on cartoons and he will throw a fit. 

Today, I let the kids stay outside and play.  They had too much fun because when it was time to go inside, Colton throw a HISSY fit.  Kevin and Maryann also came over visiting.  Kevin couldn't get over the fit he was throwing just because it was time to come inside.  Unfortunately, he throws these alot.  I try to get Colton's mind off on something else, but it takes a while and a good imagination on mommas part.  Today, I gave him gummies to eat and milk.  It worked! 


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