Saturday, February 12, 2011

Valentine's Celebrations Early

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Friday was Katie's class Valentine's party. Mrs. M tried to keep the kids calm by reading them a couple of Valentine's Day books, while us mommas set out the party snacks. I didn't have Katie take her Valentine's for her friends yesterday morning. Oops! I just thought it would be a big distraction and knew she wouldn't need them until the party. While Mrs. M read books and parents putting out food, Katie passed out her Valentine's.

I got to see my new little buddy, L, that I was encharge of at the concert. I was talking with my new friend, Holly, when I saw L crawling underneath the tables, headed my way. "Oh, no it's you," I told L. We giggled, he came up and gave me a big hug. Holly said that she saw us at the concert. I told her, he was my buddy.

Normally, I don't give teachers a lot for special occasion gifts. I think I got carried away with Mrs. M, but that's okay. I'm so glad that God sent her our direction. She is a dear sweet soul and I just appreciate her so much. You would not believe how much Katie has improved in her reading and she's grown up a little bit. Doug thinks I'm a brown nose, kissing up to the teacher just because I gave her a little something. I couldn't help it. Target had cute small lined Valentine's baskets for $2, matching hand towels for $1 and bath puffies (2 to a pack) for $1. Bath and Body Works had all of their travel size bath products for $3 each. They all fit very nicely in the basket. I put clear plastic over it and decorated it with a cheerful pink gerber daisy and pink sheer ribbon that Katie picked out. Not wanting to seem like a kiss up, I did whisper to Mrs. M that it's just to show our appreciation for what she's done.

After school, I treated Katie to Walmart. I had to go anyway because Colton was out of milk and his mini pancakes. LOL! I'm telling you what I'm at the point of buying 2 gallons of milk a week just for Katie and Colton. I can't keep it in the house. I guess this is a good thing. I got in a rut to where I don't want to cook, I've just felt so tired for some reason. I think I'll blame the very COLD weather we've had these past few months. I'm hoping to try again and change our diet and introduce more veggies and fruits, which should be getting easier since Spring is right around the corner. I was introduced to Watercress on The Oz Show. I'd never heard of it until watching it on the show this past week. Do you think I could find the leafy green disease fighting veggie? NOPE! I've looked at Walmart and Food World in their produce section. Online, it's described as being a green leaf veggie like spinach and is mostly served on a salad or sprinkled on top of pasta. I love to eat spinach, especially in salads. So, I'd love to try it that is if I can find the stuff. I have a feeling I'll have to look at specialty grocery stores like organic food marts. I'd have to travel a whole hour and half to the closest organic food mart. Ugh!

At home, I left it up to Katie as to when we would celebrate Valentine's Day. It's hard celebrating a holiday during the week, especially when you have to go to school and work. Of course, she wanted to celebrate last night. She's a lot like me, she can't wait. I bought a few 8 oz ribeye steaks from Food World for $2.99. So for supper, we had steak, baked potato. I had stuff for salad, but we had so much to eat that Doug and I didn't make one.

Katie passed out all the gifts, which she loves to do. Daddy received a couple of sweater vests, mock turtle neck shirt, Chocolate Turtles, Pot of Gold candy and the newest "Black Eyed Peas" CD. Katie received Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs Pez set and a Maltese Zhu Zhu pet with outfit. Colton received a set of plush sports balls and Hershey's chocolate. And I received a nice pair of houndstooth flip flops. We had a very nice Valentine's Day celebration. We will be receiving a bonus this weekend, WARMER weather. YAY! I think it's suppose to reach the lower 50s here with sunshine. The rest of the week will get warmer and hopefully will reach the lower 70s by next weekend. It is welcome with open arms.

Hope you have a very blessed Valentine's Day weekend.


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