Friday, February 4, 2011

Snow Day . . . yet again

SNOW . . . AGAIN!  Seriously?

. . . and to think, the gopher from a little town in PA declared that Winter will not last for 6 more weeks.

The amount of accumulated snow wasn't expected in our town last night. In fact, the last I saw on the news before picking Katie up from school was some freezing rain in south Alabama. Next thing I know, it's sleeting outside. Still not thinking anything of it, I go to my mom and dad's to drop off Colton so we could go to ballet. It snows a little harder the longer we stay there. Dad and mom convince us not to go to ballet, so I gather up all my things to head back home. Still the longer we stay the harder the snow is outside. Within a matter of minutes the ground is completely covered. The bridges are covered in snow and ice. Ugh! Driving up a hill, I began to slip a little. I didn't hesitate to throw the truck into 4-wheel drive. The only other time, I felt the tires slip was when I had to stop at traffic signs. Katie couldn't get over all the snow. She asked me why it was so foggy because it wasn't raining. I explained to her that it wasn't fog, but a lot of snow - blizzard. When we got home, all you could see was white.

Doug was leaving work and he had no idea how the conditions were outside. In fact, he began laughing at me because he couldn't get over it. He told me at home how his trip home went. It's scary how crazy people drive in the middle of a blizzard. A few of our streets closed during the night and Birmingham reported accidents and traffic jams due to the ice and snow. 

As the night went on luckily the temperature began to rise, so the snow went back to sleet and freezing rain. This morning, most of the snow cleared off the streets. A lot of schools delayed opening this morning between 2-3 hours.

Word Families - Rhyming Words
I created these pdf sheets for Katie to practice with her word families.  Originally, I got the idea from Dr. Seuss and put my twist on it.  Katie loves fairies and unicorns right now. 

Word Families


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Laura said...

Hey! I just got your FB message. Thanks for the word families! Alise will love them. She's actually done much better this week! To the point of being the only one in her class to make a 100 on a listening worksheet. I think she just got a tad lazy a few days, and Mrs. Middleton and I just weren't going to let her slide! We whipped her back in shape!! Hahaha!

Actually, Alise is out for snow day, too. Unfortunately, I am at work (she is at my mom's) because it's my busy season budgeting for the hospital. Hospitals never close. I must be in the wrong business. Ha! Anyway, we didn't get anything but lots of ice. It will probably re-freeze tonight and be even worse tomorrow.

Love ya'll and stay warm!