Friday, February 11, 2011

My Doctor's In A What?

I would like to introduce to you the group "Exit 310".  This video was taken last Spring, but I just recently found out that Katie's teacher from last year, Mrs. Katie, and our family doctor, Dr. Lunsford, are in a band together.  I knew Dr. Lunsford was his church's pianist.  I've got a couple of his CDs, but never knew he joined a band.  I love it!  I knew Mrs. Katie before my Katie started preschool and knew she sang, but never had the opportunity to hear her.  I'm so glad I came across this video.  I think she's pretty good.  I wrote on their Facebook asking for CDs.  Hopefully, Katie and I will be able to see them in concert this Spring.  Colton and I will be seeing Dr. Lunsford next month, so I'll have to get on to him for not letting me know about this sooner. 

In the above video, Mrs. Katie is the vocal and Dr. Lunsford is on the keyboard.  Enjoy! 
Katie gets her Valentine treat from mommy early.  She wanted me to make her Rice Krispy candy.  I thought it would be cute for her, if I shaped it into a huge heart.  She was surprised when she got home from school. 

Katie & Colton were so bored last night that they thought they would pass the time away by putting pen tattoos on Colton's face and Katie's hands.  The right side of Colton's cheek is his creation.

This is Katie's creation.  FUN!

Sister and brotherly love!  They were laying on the couch between Paw-paw Millard and Daddy, while watching American Idol . . . thus, the microphone Katie is holding as she sings with the show. 


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Laura said...

OMG! When I saw Colton's 'tattoos' it brought back memories of Katie's "marker experience." Like sister, like brother, huh?