Sunday, February 27, 2011

Skating Queen

Katie got to go skating for the first time in her life this afternoon. Her friend, I, from school invited her to his birthday party at the skating rink. Doug offered to take her, so I could go visit mom. It sounds like she had a very good time. According to Doug, she skated real good and stayed up on her skates better than a lot of the rest of the kids. She didn't need his help to get her started. He took lots of pictures and I noticed that most of them she's skating by herself. He said it was because S couldn't skate without the help of her mother and I think that was the only girl from Katie's class to show up. He did say that Katie fell a few times, but didn't cry. She got back up and went at it again. I'm so pleased to hear this good news. She has a tendency to give up quickly if she fails at something over and over. Not this time. YAY! I told Doug that we'll have to take her to the skating rink more often, since she did so well. I guess she'll have to get a pair of skates this Summer for her birthday. HAHA!
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Colton and I went over to mom and dad's place for a little while. From what I could see, mom got around a little faster than the other day. Her right leg still wants to drag or give out, but it will just take time. Thank you for all the prayers. They have definitely been heard. I'll keep you updated through her progress.


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