Saturday, February 26, 2011

Pomander Flower Ball - Decoration

I found this tutorial at Pizzazzerie and I'm absolutely in love.  It will be perfect this next Summer/Fall when our new little baby boy or girl arrives and let's not forget about Chase and Leslie's wedding shower/wedding next Spring.  I went ahead and purchased the punch from Hobby Lobby for $9.99.  I didn't have enough time to look for the stick pins, but I'm so excited.  I explained it to Maryann and Whitney and they seemed to like the idea of using these to decorate for the showers and reception. 

I'm still working on Colton's birthday party decorations, believe it or not.  I'm just about finished with Colton's banner and I have the last small details to finish with the dot-garland and cupcake picks.  I'm really wanting to take the kids to Botanical Gardens for pictures, but I've got to get an appointment for Colton's 2nd birthday pictures.  As soon as I get "THE PICTURE", I'll insert it into his invitations and they'll be ready to print and mail out.  YAY!  It's all coming together.  Slowly, but surely. 


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