Tuesday, February 22, 2011

My Paper Globes

As you know, I've been working diligently on Colton's birthday party decorations. I'm thinking that we'll be ready by the BIG day. Currently, I'm staying positive and upbeat about it. I've been making paper globes to dangle from our ceiling for the party. I only made three, I think that would be sufficient because we'll also have the dot garland and banner hanging as well.

I got the paper globe idea from Heather Bailey.  She's got a great tutorial and pattern to go by.  In order to get the free tutorial and pattern, you'll have to click on "paper globes" under her subtitle "Free Patterns" on the right side of her website.  Once you click on paper globes, select the second pdf file because it looks like she made a mistake on the first one. 

The directions are pretty simple, but you have to pay close attention or you will mess up.  I went by her instructions and I must have gotten distracted for a second because my first globe was grossly distorted.  She doesn't have this step in her instructions, but it was easier for me to do the following:

  • Step 4 - Create Middle Band -Glue remaining 10 pieces together as shown. Glue first piece to last piece to form band. I went ahead and glued the band together, creating a circle.  From there I glued the top portion to the band and then the bottom end to the band.  It just seemed to make it a lot easier to put together.

(These will hang at Colton's party from the ceiling)

(Close Up)

My baby

I made this topiary for my sister's birthday.  She's all the time, helping out and giving the kids something.  I just thought she might like it.  Now that I know how to make paper globes, I will be making more of these.  Katie's already put in her order.  She wants one just like this one for her room.  LOL!  FYI - I painted the pot and dowel as well.  I thought it turned out really pretty.  I loved it in our Living Room.

We took it Maryann today because I didn't know when I would really see her before her birthday.  After school, we headed to Maryann's work and surprised her with the topiary.  She seemed to really like it.  I meant to take a picture, but the kids were beginning to act like Indians, so we didn't stay long.

BTW, Hobby Lobby has their scrapbook paper 50% off this week.  The sheets I purchased to make these cost roughly $.29 each sheet.  It took 4 regular sheets (5- 6 1/2" circles per sheet) to make 20 large circles.  I'll probably see you there very soon.

I'm slowly decorating my walls.  How do ya like my plants?  I got the idea from my friend, Kellie. She has such good taste.  I've gotten some positive compliments.  I'm just taking my time.  Currently, I'm looking for a particular oval mirror to hang up in the Kitchen/Dining Room wall.  The one I really want is at Hobby Lobby for $100.  Yeah!  That's why it's not on my wall right now.  I hoping it will be 1/2 off soon.  It's so pretty!

Colton Story
Last week, I purchased a new pair of cutting sheers to cut Colton's hair when I need to. His hair grows fairly fast, like mine. So as of right now, I'm cutting his hair. The sheers I purchased comes with all the different guides with measurements on them, which will make it pretty easy for me. I tried them out today for the first time. I don't have any pictures, but Colton is clean cut. I couldn't stand it. Last night, the hair overlaping his ears was beginning to get on my nerves. It was such a beautiful day, so I grabbed his chair, strapped him in and went to cutting. He doesn't like the buzzing sound the cutters make. As soon as he heard it, he'd start waving his arms and saying "no, mama no!" I cut his hair very short because I know it will look nice just in time for pictures next month.  YAY!  I'm hoping to get his picture made on the Harley Davidson at Portrait Innovations.  I think it would be soooo cute. 

He has figured out how to open the outside door, so I have to really watch him and take extra precautions.  Normally, when I'm working out in the yard, he'd watch me through the glass.  Not anymore.  Little stinker! 

We're expecting storms later this week, so we've limed and fertilized our lawn.  I'm so sore from cleaning out our big flowerbed.  I had to do a lot of trimming back on the shrubs and monkey grass.  I guess I had not cut it back in the past three years.  It looks sooo much better.  I still have a few more beds to clean out.  Since I cut back the azaleas, I've noticed our Crocus' blooming Sunday.  They are so pretty and it's like a little reminder to me that Winter is almost over and Spring is soon to come.  It gets me all getty.  I had Katie and Colton get out and play today because you never know how many of these days we'll have in the next few days.  They had so much fun.  Katie's friend, Will, came over and played with her.  I overheard them talking and it's so hard to imagine that he'll be 10 years old this Summer.  It seems like yesterday, he use to run over to our house and get candy from me.  I remember hearing him running back and forth on our front porch, which he loved to do.  Colton's been interested in the tree house in our backyard.  He'll climb up the steps with my supervision, so I've been teaching him how to properly sit down and slide down the big slide.  If he's going to be doing this, I want him to know the proper way to slide. 

We've got very busy few days headed our way.  With doctor appointments, mom's surgery, Katie's got a couple of birthday parties to attend, so ya'll may not hear from me for a while. 

Ya'll have a great weekend!  God Bless!


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Laura said...

You did such a good job on the globes, but they look too complicated for this mama!

I bought some planters on sale at Hobby Lobby this weekend to put on either side of our picture over the fireplace. I'm hoping my mom will do the arrangement in them for me.

Miss ya'll!