Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Soccer Anyone?

Colton Plays Soccer with David Beckham
I have a funny Colton story. I wished I had my video camera running this morning, while Colton was watching Sesame Street. David Beckham was a guest on the show and was holding his soccer ball. Right off the bat, Colton goes running to the tv, holding his hands out and saying "ball, ball." He got right up to the tv, with his hands on the tv. I guess he wanted David to hand him the ball. Colton tried and tried to get the ball out of David's hands.  It was cute,  I had to laugh. 

Colton's Birthday Plans
Now that I've got new supplies for Colton's birthday decorations, I worked on it most of the day today.  Colton tried to help, so I had to stop for a little bit and wait until he took his nap.  Believe it or not, I got a lot done within 1 1/2 hours.  I tried my hand at paper globes for the first time today.  I messed up my first globe, but the second one turned out perfect.  I bought some more paper today to make at least two more.  I'll be hanging these from the ceiling during Colton's birthday party.  I'm still working on the dot garland and printed my template for the "Colton" banner. 

Prayer List
Mom had her doctor's appointment today.  She has a ruptured L5 and F1 disks in her back.  So, she should receive a call tomorrow from her doctor's office to schedule another back surgery.  With mom's C-Def history, Dr. Clark will put her on some kind of probotics before the surgery.  Dr. Clark also suggests that mom not spend the night at the hosptial unless it's necessary.  Please keep my mom in your prayers for the upcoming surgery.  I'll let you know any more updates. 

Katie's Report Card
I finally got Katie's report card this afternoon.  Doug and I are happy parents right now.  To avoid listing everything on her report card, I'll just list the areas she's gone from "Exhibits Skill/Concept with Guidance" to "Exhibits Mastery of Skill/Concept".  She shows to have mastered the following:
  • Progress as a Reader
  • Listening Comprehension
  • Identifies Opposites
  • Identifies Ending Sounds
  • Segments Words
  • Blends Words
  • Identifies Color and Sight Words
  • Able to Express Thoughts on Paper
  • Counts to 100
  • Groups Objects and Identifies Numbers 0-20
  • Displays Basic Addition Concepts
  • Correct Usage of Math Vocabulary
  • Works Independently, Stays on Task
  • Organizes Self, Materials, & Belongings
She still needs guidance witht he following areas:
  • Identifies Story Elements (Character, Setting, Sequencing, etc.)
  • Uses Strategies to Comprehend Text (Predicting, Making Connections, etc.)
  • Recites Months of the Year
  • Control Talking
  • Works Neatly
She has no "unable to Exhibit Skill/Concept at This Time!  YAY!  We are so glad to not see this on her report card.

At home, I've been working with her on telling time.  She knows her o'clocks (9:00, 10:00, etc.), but I've just started working with her on the thirties (9:30, 10:30, etc.).  She'll get it!  We are also working on money.  Getting her to identify each coin and how much each is worth.  Yesterday, I introduced to her measurement.  She found that she likes Sudoku.  Wade - I can actually get the Kindergarten stage of Sudoku.  LOL!  I thought you would appreciate that.  I also have her do number mazes 1-20 and she breezes through them.  It helps her to identify the numbers.  She's doing great on addition.  I'm thinking about introducing subtraction to her. 

On a side note, Katie has announced that she would be interested in taking gymnastics.  I've gotten some information from my gymnastics mommas.  I think we'll probably send Katie to a camp this Summer, BUT (a big BUT) Katie has to get an attitude adjustment first before we'll agree to send her.  Sometimes I think, she and I have been butting heads since she was 3 years old.  Just when I sit back and think "ahh!  Finally, she's not acting like a Miss Prissy Priss.  I can actually breathe again without constantly being on her."  She'll begin tasting the waters once again.  It's part of life though.  My little chickadee is spreading those little wings, practicing independence. 


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