Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Pray for Andrew


UPDATED (2): Family ‘hopeful’ CHS athlete injured in early-morning crash will recover

Andrew needs your prayers.  He was in a one car accident early yesterday morning, on his way to school.  His mom, Holly, has been keeping their church updated from the hospital.  Early this morning, the CAT scan showed small bruising on his brain.  There is swelling, but no meds are needed right now.  He is sedated in critical condition.  Above is the article released yesterday in the newspaper. 

I had the opportunity to worked with Holly several years.  I remember little Andrew coming to the office.  Such a cutie.  Doug and I attend Holly and her husband's wedding.  I adored working with Holly, such a sweetheart.  When I heard the news about this once little boy that roamed the hallways at the office was in a terrible auto accident, my heart sunk.  For one, it's hard to imagine a 7-8 year old boy being old enough to drive; much less, in critical condition from a accident.   Their church family came together last night in a special prayer vidgual.  As soon as I got home this morning, I've stayed close to the computer, waiting for updates. 

Thank you.

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