Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Leap Year

I've been missing in action for the past few days. Lots have been going on. Ball games, gymnastic practice, SCHOOL WORK, date nights, birthday parties and loads of family time.

I hope you had a fantastic Leap Day.  I took it easy today.  Sometimes, you just need a break from the laundry, tot-school work, and every day same old, same old. 

Katie was out of school for Presidents' Day.  I put everything on my schedule aside and made it kids day.  They each had gift cards for Walmart and they have been burning a hole in their pockets, if you know what I mean.  Who would have thought that the first thing in the morning, I would head to Walmart.  I had already done my running around a few days before, so this day was all about the toys, books, movies and games.  The kids had a blast!  When we were in line to check out, our tummies were grumbling.  Off to Chick-fil-a for lunch.  We even ran into Ms. G and her little niece. Everyone and their sister was out and about that Monday.  It was a perfect day to venture outside because of the sunshine and light wind.  Ah, it was a beautiful day! After lunch, we went to the park.  I even let Colton go down the swirly slide.  He LOVED IT!  I'll have to post pictures another day.  The entire time we were there, he was right in his sister's footsteps.  Whatever she did, he did as well.  It was too funny and a little scary when more kids arrived there.  He stayed right with them though, nothing slows him down. 

Saturday, we were on the go all day.  We went to see Jon play ball in Athens, but he didn't go in until the last ending because he was sick at his stomach most of the morning.  After the game, we all split up.  The guys went their way and us girlies went our way.  We met up at Mellow Mushroom for lunch and I was soooo bad.  I had two slices of Specialty pizza.  Bad, bad.  Sue, Kacie and I went to Toys R Us to do a little birthday shopping for Colton.  It's hard to find the Marvel and DC comic characters at Walmart and Target.  Toys R Us had a pretty good selection of his favorite characters.  I think he'll like what we are giving him.  I found a huge Green Lantern airplane with weapons that work and Green Lantern himself that flies the plane.  I also found him a small Hulk to easily carry around with him in his backpack.  Susan got him Hulk hands.  They are kind of like gloves that he can put his hands inside.  I didn't get to read it, so I don't know if they make noises or not.  Someone asked me that question, when I told them.  I know I've gone waaayyy overboard on this party, but it will be awesome.  The little stinker has already found my party supply stash and won't keep his hands out of it.  Back at the store, Susan and I didn't get to shop long because we had to get to Natalie's basketball game by 5PM.  I had only been to Natalie's school gym once, so I wasn't too sure how to get there.  I took it for granted that Doug would be able to give me specific directions.  You know street names, right or left turns.  When I called him, he had no clue how to get us there, eventhough they were already at the gym.  Wha?  Thanks to my Maps App, I was able to get us to the campus, but still no clue where to go.  Calling Maryann, she finally handed her phone over to the security guard and he got us there.  We were maybe a block away from the gym.  We made it to our seats just in time for tip off. LOL!  After all of this, Susan ended up taking my gifts for Colton home with her, on accident.  Ooops! 

Would you believe Doug bought me a new laptop and Adobe Photoshop Elements?  I couldn't believe it when I saw it.  He said I needed it for my photos.  If you don't know, I'm seriously considering taking digital photography classes when Colton goes into preschool.  I had the Institute of Photography of New York send me their packet information.  It sounds like a good deal because it's an online course, plus they will supply you with some equipment and supplies needed to get started in your studio.  I'm going to take this slow because I don't want to go belly up on all the necessary equipment and props before I get my experience.  If you've been keeping up with my blog, photos and FB, you've had a chance to get a glimpse of a few of my photos.  I'm getting opportunities and lots of experience.  I need all the experience I can get.  Trial and error.  For the past few days, I've been spending them reading and studying the online Photoshop Elements Techniques and Tips.  I received 25 tutorial videos and two online issues for free.  I'm learning quite a bit about Adobe Photoshop Elements that I've never known before.  I've always had an Adobe Photoshop Elements (V. 5, 7 & now 10).  I loved playing around with the enhancements and photo effects, but never really get into the core of the program.  Elements offers an online subscription for $55 a year or $99 for two years.  I told Doug when I finished reading and studying the issues that I did get for free, I may have to subscribe for a year.  My objective for going back to school is having the ability to take what I've got (talent) and make it even better.  Learn ways to make my ordinary photos into something of a masterpiece.  My dream is to one day own and run a Portrait Innovations or something similar right here.  I need your prayers that I am doing the right thing. I'm depending on God to lead me where He wants me to go. 

Katie had one of her girlfriends over to spend the night during President's weekend.  Those girls had so much fun with one another.  Giggles, giggles.  They were in one of the bedrooms that is next to ours.  I could hear them girl talking.  So cute.  Then I overheard Katie say, "I have a crush on Garrett."  I was stunned because she hasn't talked about boy crushes all school year.  She seems to be embarrassed to even talk about it.  Of course, I was going over in my head "now, who was Garrett?"  I believe I've met this boy, but I'm having problems placing him in my mind.  The next morning, Doug and I told her that a little birdy told us that she had a crush on Garrett.  First thing, right out of her mouth was "who told you?"  Then, she looked straight at Abby.  We finally told her what happened and she began pouting, she was so embarrassed.  I felt bad for her.  I couldn't believe that she was too embarrassed to come to me and talk about her boy crush. 

Katie is absolutely bored with gymnastics.  I called the office manager a couple of months ago, to see
if they would move Katie up to GymKids.  She said that Katie's coaches are not confident that Katie has mastered the KinderGym steps, in order to move up.  For the past month, she's been begging me to put her back in ballet.  She misses it so much.  She's had fun on the balance beam, but that's pretty much it.  Doug hasn't been pleased with what he sees, when goes to pick her up.  I just don't think gymnastics is her thing.  I pulled her out this week and she was thrilled.  Jumping up for joy as a matter of a fact.  Then, she asked me when she will be going back to ballet.  Ugh!  She didn't realize that it's the end of the year and won't be able to participate in this year's recital.  I told her that if there is not anything, she would like to get involved in next Fall, I'll sign her up.  Smiles all over her face.  Ballet has always been her natural talent.  Meanwhile, I've got her on a waiting list for piano lessons.  It would be great if she could start this Spring/Summer.  It would give me a better feel for next Fall's activities.  I was kind of throwing around the idea of second grade majorette classes, but I think we will wait another year.  She wants to learn how to twirl a baton.  I've tried showing her, but I need a baton that fits my length.  There is a store that pretty much caters to our school needs.  I noticed the other day, they had batons in stock.  We may have to head over there and measure for one.  I could probably show her how to at least get started. 

She made this on Valentine's Day and I hope you can read it. 
"Love is when you help your mom when she is sick.  Love is you.  Love your family.  Love is when like your friend.  Love is loving your daddy." 




I got a kick out of this one.  She wrote this on President's Day.  It reads, "If I were president, I would let everyone to bring toys to school because everyone will be happy."  I don't know about you, but I think she has a good chance of getting the votes for president.  TEHE! 

While Colton and I were in line to pick Katie up from school.  He was telling me that he could see her.  What touched my heart was when he told me "Sissy is my friend."  Precious!  He was so sweet and humbled acting while he said it.  He is such a sweetheart when he wants to be.  Meanwhile, he is sending me through the crazy 3's rollercoaster.  CRAZY!!!  I don't know why they call it the trouble 2s because it's the crazy 3's that make me feel like I'm in the middle of an episode of "The Twilight Zone."  {Doo-do, doo-do}

I have a quick update on Andrew.  The doctors have taken him off sedation.  His mother got to kiss him on the cheek. As they began to pinch, trying to get some sign of him coming out of his coma and his fingers twitched.  The doctors said this is the beginning of a very long road to recovery.  We need to pray God will continue to heal his body and brain.  The pressure is staying normal.  Thank you. 


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