Saturday, February 4, 2012

Happy 75th Birthday Mom!

Last night, the family came together in honor of our mom's 75th birthday.
She looks fabulous! 
We are so blessed to still have her around. 
She told me that she doesn't feel 75, but much much younger. 
 She never in her wildest dreams ever thought that she would make it to 75, but so happy she did. 
We had our celebration at Chamblee's Restaurant.  They were great to work with, very attentive and made the night special.  I was so glad that most everyone got to attend, a total 25 people showed.

"Happy Birthday Mom"

I look a lot like my mom.  Don't I?

Opening up presents

Pretty African Violet and card Sandy and Wade gave mom.
Sandy, mom told that you hit the nail on the head.  She has been really wanting another violet. 
She absolutely loves it!  Thank you!

My mom's favorite flower/plant

The roses represent mom's children - 5 pink roses are her 5 baby girls; 1 white rose is dad and the other flowers are all of her grandbabies and great grandbabies. Look what she created = 5 girls, 5 boys (in-laws), 10 grandchildren and 8 great grandbabies.  


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The Keyes Family said...

who am i missing on the 8 great grandbabies? I'm confused. lol i'm going to list the ones i know and please tell me who i'm forgetting. I feel like i'm always forgetting someone. LOL. okay here we go. emma, maddie, jake, lilly, carson, and zayden. oh wait are we counting the two that haven't gotten here quite yet? maybe that's it. lol. ;-) anyway it looks like a wonderful night. So glad you guys could all get together to celebrate with her. She looks wonderful in the pictures.