Sunday, August 26, 2012

Wendy's Makes Local News and TS Isaac

 Have you seen the above Wendy's commercial? The new famous Wendy's red head is actually from my hometown. My favorite Wendy's commercial with her in it, she convinced a guy that is sitting in a leather recliner at a yard sale, to buy it.  Cute.  She made the front page of our newspaper this morning.  I've been saying it and I will continue, our state is loaded with great talent.

We are watching TS Isaac closely.  Every day it seems to be moving further and further West.  I was hoping the intensity would have calmed somewhat, but it doesn't look very good for the Gulf Coast.  We still have a couple days, as of right now,  to see if Isaac will be a good boy and ease up.  So far, it looks like we should expect lots of rain Wednesday and/or  Thursday and maybe some strong gust of winds.  My Southern/Gulf family and blog friends, my thoughts and prayers are with you.  Take care and stay informed.  

We had a great weekend and I have pictures to share, so you will have to check back.  Hopefully, tomorrow I will have them ready to post.  



Malorie said...

I graduated with Morgan! I about died when I seen the first commercial with her in it!

Laura said...

We are watching the storm, but we're not glued to the TV by any means. Just hoping all our NOLA peeps will get the heck out of Dodge this time and we won't have a Katrina repeat. As a matter of fact, I didn't know anything about it hitting Louisiana until I woke up from a nap yesterday and saw our Governor on TV declaring a state of emergency. I texted Angie to see if she had heard and she didn't know anything about it either. The last I heard, it was headed toward Alabama. We should have a pretty weekend this weekend though.