Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Katie Lost A Tooth

Katie lost her tooth after school today! 

Y'all just don't know how much trouble this tooth has given us.  We basically have been working on this tooth since a week before Katie's 7th birthday.  It was loose, but she would never mess with it.  She was too afraid about how it would feel.  She lost her two front bottom teeth a year ago and she has actually forgot how it happened and especially how it felt.  Scared to death that she would be in terrible pain, she refused to touch it or have anyone else touch it.  I tried several times to just wiggle it, to see if it was ready.  Nope!  She would not have it.  Every time I went to touch, she would swat my hands away.  Ugh!  It was absolutely aggravating.  We tried everything to get her to pull it. I finally told her to stop talking about it, if she didn't want me to pull it.  I even bribed her to pull it.  If she would let me pull it, I would buy this Furr Real dog that she is in love with.  She would not.  After a couple of weeks, the tooth was beginning to turn dark.  Concerned, I demanded that she let me look at it.  I guessed that the tooth was dying off, but that last root still had a stronghold and I didn't want to damage her gum.  She promised me that she would continue to wiggle it as much as possible.  

After school today, while we were doing our homework, her teeth looked different.  I had her sit still long enough to let me look at her loose tooth.  Finally, her tooth was ready to pull.  It had moved to the side. Laying on top of her other top front tooth.  Yes!  I didn't ask or anything.  I grabbed a napkin and told her that it's time.  You would have thought I told her that she had to hand over one of her kidneys.  To keep her still, so I wouldn't hurt her, I told her that she would be grounded if she didn't get still and let me pull it.  "I'm scared, I'm scared."  She yelled.  It took a couple of tries because she kept slapping my hands out of the way, every time I got my nail back behind the tooth.  The last root didn't want to let go, so I had to yank it pretty good.  I just knew it would hurt, but it had to come out.  As soon as I had the tooth, I took her straight to the bathroom to wash out her mouth.  She wanted to see right away, but I made her keep the lights off for a little while.  I learned from the last couple of times that she has a fit, if she sees the blood.  The hole that once held her baby tooth, kept wanting to bleed.  I didn't think it would ever quit.  When the blood was beginning to stop, I turned the light on and let her see.  She was laughing and said "that didn't hurt at all."  Later, she admitted that it did hurt a little when I put my nail in the back of the tooth.  Here I thought it was when I had to yank it out because the little root didn't want to let go.  Ugh!  She's all happy now.  She hopes to get to meet the tooth fairy.   I don't know of anyone having that opportunity, but who knows maybe she'll be lucky.  ;)

While Katie was washing out her mouth, Colton was right beside her.  He was wanting to know what was going on.  He was more in the way than anything.  He kept wanting to stick his head in the sink under the running water.  Ugh!  The boy gets the best of me.  I thought if I included him on the big event, he would understand and mind me a little better.  As soon as he spotted sissy's tooth, well he wanted his tooth out.  "I pull my tooth too, mom!"  he tells me.  He began pulling on his tooth, but thankfully it didn't take him long to get bored with the idea and went on his way.  

Katie is still loving school.  Yesterday and today during P.E., the girls got to go swimming.  Coach M wants to make sure that all students know how to properly swim.  Katie absolutely loved it!  Today was crazy day, so she got to go down the water slide and go underwater.  I believe tomorrow and Friday is the boys' turn to swim.  

Katie is already asking me about having some friends over or we could go to their house.  I told her that I would think about it and it would probably be better closer to Halloween, when it's cooler.  I told her, we could meet them at the movies or go to FunZone.  Of course, she loved any of those suggestions.  

I have to tell this story.  Most everyday on our way to school, I turn down the busy street that takes me to Katie's school.  On this busy street, I'm sure all PTA moms trying to get their little ones off to school, an older woman (approx. 58-early 60s) rides her bicycle with her Vera Bradley like purse on her shoulder.  Mind you, she is not on the side of the road, peddling her bicycle.  No!  She's in the middle of the lane, peddling around all curves, up and down hills.  When she knows that traffic is behind her (she looks), she doesn't get off the road or pull off and stop.  No, she keeps on keeping on.  Like no one is there.  Today, I along with about 4 other cars were driving around the curve and all of the sudden, I saw nothing but red lights.  People were slamming on their brakes because our little nicely braided gray haired lady was peddling her bicycle up the hill.  When all this was going on, all I could think was "please don't hit me".  I was talking about the SUV quickly approaching me from the rear.  Oh, it gets good from here.  The other day on my way home from dropping Katie off at school, I met the bicycler. I promise you, she was in a very dangerous area that I've witnessed a car accident before, riding her bicycle in the middle of the lane.  The good part is, there were cars piled up in back of her and a paved walkway right by the street.  Now, I wonder what she thought that nicely paved walkway was for?  It's obvious she didn't think it was for her bicycle.  I don't mean to be ugly, but I am very concerned that she is going to end up serious hurt or cause a terrible car accident when we all have to drive around her, just to get by.  Believe me, there have been times I've wanted to roll down my window, as I'm passing her, and express my concern for her and others in her path.  Pray for me!  


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Laura said...

This post cracked me up! Alise was the same way about pulling her teeth, but now it is no big deal. She pulls them herself to which I am very glad. I don't like pulling teeth!