Saturday, August 18, 2012

Pray Request

Please pray for my family after the loss of my dad's sister, Nell. She has been suffering from an incurable cancer. The cancer was discovered several weeks ago. My sisters and I knew that this time was coming, but didn't know it would be this quick. She lived long enough to celebrate her 89th birthday. My dad spoke to Nell's husband, uncle Bob, last night. Bob knew Nell's time was quickly coming to an end. They just tried to keep her comfortable. Thankfully Bob has his daughter and her family close to him to lean on. Dad doesn't feel that he and mom will be able to make it out there for the funeral. Mom just can't travel like she once did. Dad seems to being holding it together pretty good. I think he is thankful to have those that love him close by, during this rough time. My dad is the baby out of four siblings and now he is the only living survivor. I can't imagine what he might be going through. I am the baby of five sisters and it's a breathe taken moment. Thank you. Mirya


Laura said...

Praying for your dad, Mi! So sad! Hugs!

Allison said...

Hey there stranger! Sorry to hear about your Dad's sister. My Mom is the same way. She's the baby and there is only her and her older sister remaining. The other two sisters passed away about 10 years ago and now her other sister is in an assisted living facility. Will definitely be praying for your family. Sounds like Katie is excited about school. I really wish Anya's school was better and I really miss Cullman's system. She seemed to really thrive there in Kindergarten and I think 1st grade here was sub-standard. It was okay but I don't think she learned nearly as much as she did in Kindergarten. I have higher hopes for 2nd grade though! Hope you are doing well and we miss you guys!