Monday, August 27, 2012

Area Farmer Grows State's Largest Pumpkin


The above pumpkin weighed in at 885 pounds, which makes it the state's largest pumpkin this season. A family close by here grew it. I can't get over how big it is! I would like to know how they transported the thing.  If you would like to read more, Click Here.  

Seeing photos like this, retailers are bringing out their Fall and Winter wares, Walmart has the supplies of Autumn fragrances out on the shelf. I didn't want to buy the pumpkin spice, which is one of our favorites, too early. Instead, I picked up the Apple Harvest. Every time we walk in our house, the apples encircle your head. Katie likes to take a deep breath as soon as she opens the door. Autumn is so in the air and I'm in my element. I mentioned in an earlier post that the maple trees are changing their colors. Now, most other trees are changing and I've seen quite a bit of leaves on the ground already. I just hope we'll have some pretty leaves on the trees in the next couple of months and they won't all be on the ground at that time. We'll see.


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