Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Chick-fil-a Day

Before I begin this post, please understand that I am not a same sex hater.  I truly love everyone, even if you don't love me at all.  I try not to judge at any cost, but I realize that I am human and I don't deserve God's grace, love and salvation.  Thank God above for giving me the ultimate gift without having to measure my worth.  Praise God! Praise God!  God does allow us to choose.  We choose our paths, our appearances, our faiths, etc.  I could go on, but this post would never end.  Homosexuals have a choice just like Heterosexuals.  We all choose our paths and because of our many many existing freedoms in this country, we have a voice, belief, faith and opinions.  EVERYONE HAS AN OPINION!  Whether you want to hear them or not, everyone has an opinion.  More than likely those opinions or believes are not necessarily going to line up with yours. SURPRISED?  

Every since a CEO from Chick-fil-a said publicly that he believes in a marriage between a woman and a man, he has been under fire on the political front.  He does not support same sex marriage, then he is automatically pin pointed as a "gay hater."  Now, I do not know this man nor do I know his beliefs and values.  Just because he voiced his opinion, doesn't tell me that he should be thrown in prison or persecuted for his beliefs.  HEY,  LISTEN UP Y'ALL!  It's called freedom of speech.  I know not all homosexuals feel the same way that the Boston Mayor or most of the basis tabloids that have published negative comments about Chick-fil-a and their CEO.  I do believe that some high officials within the U.S.A. are trying their best to win the affections from homosexuals.  HEY CONGRESS, their not stupid.  

Hey y'all here's my opinion.  If you don't care about a person or company based on their beliefs or what they stand for, just don't give them your business.  I've done this a time or two.  Don't make a spectacle, it may just back fire.  

I LOVE Jim Parsons.  I think he is one of the funniest people on television right now.  Yes, I'm a "Big Bang Theory" fan.  It's entertainment only.  Based on my beliefs, do I boycott "Big Bang Theory" because I know that Jim Parsons is a homosexual.  NO!  I like Patrick Harris' acting, but because he's gay doesn't mean that I'm going to stop watching any movie or show that he appears on.  I LOVE Elton Johns' music!  I've even attended a couple of his concerts and LOVED every moment of it.  Guess what?  Does it stop me from listening to his music or seeing his performances?  NOPE.  Yes, they made a choice, but they are human just like me.  Do I eat too much?  Yes.  Do I gossip?  Yes.  Do I love clothes and shoes?  ABSOLUTELY!  Are these sins any worse than choosing what your life's path is like being homosexual?  NO.  In God's eyes, they are the same.  We all come short of the glory of God.  

I've always LOVED Chick-fil-a, not because of what the company stands for in their beliefs.  My family eats there A LOT, way before the CEO came out voicing his opinions.  Guess what?  I'll continue to eat at Chick-fil-a based on their quality of food and friendly service.  I LOVE the fact that our Chick-fil-a supports and rallies around our community, where on specified dates they donate a percentage to specific organizations or individuals with medical needs.  I LOVE THIS!  An added bonus for me is they are very convenient to my regular shopping area.  On the way home, I can easily drive thru and get something to eat.  I LOVE their Chicken Salad Sandwiches with a side salad and my children love their nuggets.  

Seriously!  If we demand that a business closes every time we get mad about someone else's different opinions, we are going to run out of places to go.  

Today was our weekly errand day.  At lunchtime, this was the scene going to Chick-fil-a.   


We got in line and waited 35 minutes before actually getting our food and on our way home.  LOL!  People were parking blocks away and walking to the restaurant.  Every parking place at the restaurant was taken.  What was funny, the lady in a red shirt to the left of the picture is actually an employee from Arby's.  She was walking along the traffic, passing out Arby coupons to all the drivers.  From far off, she looked like she was from Chick-fil-a because of the red shirt.  When she got closer and I could see the icon on her cap, I began to giggle.  Unfortunately for her, no one got out of line just to go to Arby's to eat.  There were a few that pulled in their parking lot to park, but the people walked across the street to Chick-fil-a.  

I'm telling you this hype against Chick-fil-a has actually increased their business flow.  I'm sure the company thanks those that demanded a boycott or refusal to build in their area.  


People were actually lined up outside in the 100 degree humidity just to get inside and support their Chick-fil-a franchise.  I have to say that they are more dedicated than I would be.  Looking through the windows, all I could see was people standing up all throughout the dining area.  I'm assuming they were all patiently hoping to be waited on at the counter.  Shew!  

I understand that the homosexuals are asked to boycott all Chick-fil-a's this Friday.  I really hope it doesn't come to it.  Let's just all love one another and eat more chicken.  


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