Monday, August 13, 2012

Special Prayer Request

I have a very special prayer request for all of my prayer warriors. I just discovered that my nephew, Jon aka "Big Jon", is having sugar problems again.  I've asked for prayers for him in the past.  Big Jon is the BIGGEST sweetheart, you would ever meet.  He has a history of sugar problems.  I guess it was a couple of years ago, where he got his weight under control and his sugar.  Knowing that he'll always have to watch what he eats, so he won't have to go on medication,  he has done real well.  He has some challenges ahead of him and he needs your prayers.  The doctor wants to run tests to make sure everything is alright.  The doctor is concerned that with his unstable sugar level, he might have some damage to his liver and kidneys (I think).  It's precaution.  Along with his sugar, he also has hypertension.  Doctor wants to check out his heart, to make sure there is no damage.  He won't know any results for about a month.  


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