Thursday, September 6, 2007

Back To Work Again!

So far I've made it today at church. A Soil Conservation Conference was held in the atrium all morning, which has been pretty interesting. The secretaries really wanted me to stay near by the front desk and make sure everything in going alright down stairs. I've been helping catch the phone, when needed. I've also been the welcome wagon, which is fun. I get to meet so many different people, especially today with everything going on. This Saturday, we're having a Fashion Show here. I was able to help set out tables and chairs for it. Whoo Hoo! Lots to do, right? tehe! I bought two tickets hoping someone would go with me, but there are so many road blocks that I don't know if I'm going to be able to go or not and I certainly don't want to go by myself. Oh well, it will all work out in the end. I don't think I would enjoy working a full time job right now, with Katie being so young. I've called Peggy twice this morning to check on her. Katie gets on the phone and tells me what all they are doing. At times, I wished I was there with her. I miss my baby! I guess this is why God has made it possible for me to stay home. THANK YOU GOD!

I went home for lunch and our next door neighbors are having a new roof put on. Of course, there are all ages of men standing around the yard between our houses, which I really don't care for. You never know what they maybe up to. When I drove up to the house, a couple of guys were in my yard by the dog's fence. Dexter and Montana were having a coronary fit. They don't like strangers in the yard without me with them. Of course, when I drove up in the driveway, the guys made their way back to my neighbor's yard. Lets just hope they stay there for the remainder of the day. I nearly hated leaving to come back to work, knowing that they were in our yard. Makes me wonder what they were up to? Were they just aggravating the dogs? Were they up to no good? Hmmmmm.

Maryann called and let us know Ryan was in town. She invited us to come over Saturday evening for Supper. I don't know if Doug will have to work Saturday or not, so I need to get with him and find out for sure. Knowing him, he'll let me know at the last minute if he'll be able to go to Maryann's or not. Katie and I may end up going by ourselves because I would like to see Ryan before he goes back home.

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