Friday, September 21, 2007

Okay, I give up on "Bama Fever" stores. I've been trying to exchange Katie's new cheerleading outfit because believe it or not, it's too small and it's a size 2T. The neck hole is entirely too small. I've found out that all "Bama Fever" stores are owned individually and they will give you a hard time exchanging an outfit that came from another "Bama Fever." Yeah, I know - PRETTY STUPID! Anyway, after staying on the phone for a couple of hours this morning, I was able to convince one store manager to have me exchange it for other products for the same or more than the price paid. They did have some of the same cheerleading outfits in stock, but they didn't have a 3T. I probably would have even gotten a 4T, but it wasn't available either. Doug wanted to get Katie a jersey, but she told him that she didn't want it. FINE! We ended up getting Doug a T-shirt and I got a pair of pajama bottoms.

Doug was nice enough to take me to "The Children's Place" to get Katie a couple pairs of blue jeans. After I blogged yesterday about the Liz telling me about these jeans "Target" sells, Laura told me "Gap", "The Children's Place" & "Gymboree" sells them as well. I got online last night to find out who had the better deal. "Target" sold their jeans for $12.99 and "The Children's Place" sold theirs for $11.00, if you buy 2 pairs. I was planning on buying a couple pairs anyway, so they had the better price. Both pairs are flare, but one pair has a ruffle around the end of the legs. She is going to look so cute. We wanted Katie to try on the jeans before we bought them, but she was having such a meltdown today. As I was trying to put the jeans on, she went limp in the middle of the store and began to have a fit. The meltdown caused me to have a couple of meltdowns myself. Ugh!!! Since we didn't have her stroller with us, Daddy introduced playing on the escalators with Katiebug. Every time we passed one, she felt we needed to get on whether we wanted to or not. She decided to collapse in the middle of the mall because we wanted to go to "Belk" and she wanted to go up the escalator. Thanks Dad!

Before we headed back home, we stopped by "Target" to see if they had the shoes I wanted to get. I finally got her some dress shoes and yes, I was able to get the bumblebee shoes. I think they are so cute. I went ahead and got a size 7 because I will have her wearing socks with these shoes. She would have a little more room with a size 7 then a size 6. Katie found a pair of red paton leather ballet slippers. She had to try them on. I was afraid she would have a fit if I didn't get them, but she seemed alright with it. I didn't get the boots that I wanted and I know I'll probably regret it, but I thought two pairs of shoes will be good for right now.

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Laura said...

I can hear the frustration! You are not alone!