Monday, September 17, 2007

Gorgeous Weekend!

It was such a gorgeous weekend here. Thursday and Friday, Katie and I had a little Mommy and Me time together. We did whatever Katie wanted to do. I washed out the swimming pool and let her play in it one more time. It won't be long before we'll have to put the pool up for the year. We have to use up those Elmo Swimmers before it gets too cold. Last year, I had a few Princess Swimmers left and I don't know what to do with them. I ended up putting them in Katie's pretend box with the rest of her baby doll clothes. I figured they would be small enough to put on her dolls. Katie loves getting out her playhut in the Living Room and roll around in it. She wanted me to roll around in it with her. What a sight? Let's just hope there were no hidden cameras around the Living Room at the time.

Saturday, it was around 60 something degrees that morning. I told Doug I wanted to air out the house. I love the smell of an aired out house. It always smells so crisp and clean throughout the house. It was a beautiful day for it as well. Doug and Millard installed his new satellite dish. I thought it would be fun to have a little football party. I grilled out hot dogs for lunch and got some nic nacs to snack during game time. We still had some time before the game started, so Peggy, Katie and myself went on a wild goose chase looking for this well hidden candy shop. I was beginning to think it didn't exist. We stopped at a gas station/bait shop and there were a few teenagers working the store. When I told them about this place, they all had this blank look on their face. I knew it would have be better for me, if I knew the name of the place but Peggy couldn't remember. The only information we could go on is it was down Trimble and it was something like a sister's candy shop. I went ahead and confirmed to the teenagers that since they look clueless, is there anyone else I could ask. "Sure," they all chimed in. The restaurant next door might help you. First of all, there were no indications there was a restaurant at the next door. I'm talking about no signs and no designated parking spots. I soon found out it was one of those "hole in the walls." I'm sure they had great food, but I wouldn't recommend it by looking at the characters in there. Shoo. After standing on the counter for a while, I finally got to talk to the only person running this place. The answer she gave me was that she wasn't from this area and she only works here. Okay. After driving a little further down the road, I asked another place. FINALLY! Someone knows where I'm talking about. He couldn't remember the name of the place, but he works on their lawn mower. Alright. After driving approximately 3 more miles, we finally get there. Of course, I'm driving below the speed limit and have traffic backed up a half a mile down the road. I'm sure everyone was glad to see me get off the road. This candy shop is located in some one's back yard, so you have to really know where you're going. Her peanut and pecan brittle is so good and thin. I wanted to get a couple of jars, but I ended up getting one big jar of pecan brittle and Peggy got one big jar of peanut brittle. As soon as we got home, we split the brittle so we can have a little of both. So good! The lady said she would be working long hours from now until after Christmas. She makes brittle, Cheese Whooies (like Cheese Straws), fudge, cakes, jams, salsas, homemade ketchup & mustard, etc. She also sells some home decor` like snowmen, Santa Claus, etc. I would like to try her "Hummingbird" cake. I like "Hummingbird" and "Italian Cream" cakes. Yummy! During the game, Peggy and I went out and picked up a Meaty Pizza from Pizza Hut. We were all too full to eat any of the cheese and crackers, roasted peanuts, cookies and chips I bought for during the game. We did however find a little time to eat Food World's delicious Walnut Fudge. Yum! What a game? Wow! We were winning when Peggy and I left to get the pizza. By the time we got back, we were losing be time. What was going on? Katie was wild, running around. I got the pom-poms down for us to do cheers. She thought that was so much fun. It ended up being such an exciting game. When we won by that last touchdown, we all jumped out of our seats hootn' and hollern'. Katie and I started jumping up and down yelling. She was so excited! Doug and I are planning on getting back on Weight Watchers as soon as the food I bought this past weekend is GONE. Sorry, but I'm not wasting all this food. He said he would support me in the Weight Watchers. I warned him, this includes eating boxed foods as well. I buy the Smart Ones (I think) that support Weight Watchers. I'm just gaining too much weight and need to shed some pounds. It's hard being on a diet with a baby that needs her fat. Katie seems to want to eat my diet food and not hers. This is one of the many reasons I quit WW last January. I felt so bad about Millard. Bless his heart, he said he was mowing the yard one day this past week and debris flew in his face. He took a paper towel and wiped the sweat away from his eye and he thought he scratched his eye with the paper towel because later his eye got real red and irritated. It did look bad. Peggy said if it got any worse, he would be going to the eye doctor. Well, Doug called me this morning with bad news. Millard went to the doctor and he has pink eye. Millard and Peggy felt so bad, but hey it happens. It wasn't his fault. I called Katie's nurse to get some advice. Sure enough, we have to wait 24-48 hours to make sure she is in the clear. She said meanwhile, wash her hands often.

Sunday, we picked up Millard and Peggy and went shopping. We both got a little Christmas shopping done and we got Katie some more clothes. Sam's Club had a few "Austin & Ashley" Children's Clothing in stock. This is the same company that sells "Picture Me." I love "Picture Me" Children's Clothing. They are a whimsical style and very durable clothing. Parisians began selling "Picture Me" last year and I was so excited. Now that they are Belk, I hope they will continue to carry this brand name. At Sam's, I found a cute little swing top & pants set with a little girl blowing her bubble gum. So cute. I had to get it. I think I paid $13 for the outfit, which isn't bad at all. Belk was having a good sale on their Toddler clothing, what they had in stock. I have to say, Belk is going to have to do better with the children's clothing then what they are doing right now. The toddler's clothing might be 5-6 racks full of clothes and that's it. I bought Katie a cute Bama cheerleader outfit with houndstooth on it in a size 2T. Would you believe the neck hole is too small. Ugh! I took the outfit with us to see if I could exchange it in the mall. Of course, they didn't have any outfits like this one in stock. I went ahead and asked if they could get one shipped there from B'ham or T-Town? The clerk went one to say, they couldn't do that because even though it's all the same franchise, they are all owned by different families; therefore, they don't know what they will get in stock & they can't ship back and forth. WHATEVER! I was so frustrated. I guess I'll have to go to B'ham and hope they have it in stock. I think I'll call first before we go. Who knew I would have trouble getting a 2T on Katiebug? Little bitty Katiebug. I guess the doctor was right when he said she had her Daddy's head. tehe! I didn't get to Gymboree to get Katie's pumpkin shirt for $10 because the mall was about to close. Shoot! I told Peggy it was okay because I could just order it online. Nope! I checked the site this morning and the shirt went back up to $15. Yuck! I guess I'll wait and hope it will come down again and maybe this time much less than $10. Do you think? tehe! I needed to get Katie some church dress shoes. We went to Target and would you believe, they didn't have her size in every shoe I liked. Ugh! This wasn't my day! I wanted to get her a pair of black patent leathers for church and I found a pair of nice brown leather with a bronze type bumblebee accent on it. So cute! I'm going to check online and see if I can get them ordered. They had some cute boots in stock. I would really like to get Katie a pair this year. I think she would look so cute with suede boots. I did find some movies to add to our family collection. I was told "Mulan" was in the vault, but Target had two in stock. Well, I grabbed one up. I also found "Pocahontas," which I didn't know was still out, "Ice Age" and "Miss Spider" Halloween movies. We are keeping the "Mulan" and "Pocahontas" for Christmas. I went ahead and gave her "Ice Age" and "Miss Spider." Millard and Peggy gave Katie "Ice Age The Meltdown" a while back and she loves that movie. She thinks it's so funny. I was glad to find the first "Ice Age" movie to go with the other one. She loves Sid! She thinks he is so funny, which he is a pretty funny looking character. I had never seen "Mulan" until just about a couple of months ago, when it was on the Disney channel. Oh, it is such a good movie. Katie's not in to it as much as I am, so I guess this movie is more for me.

Oh, I have a new laundry detergent and softener that I love. I bought some 2X Ultra Tide and Downy with baking powder in a white lilac scent. It makes our clothes smell so good and it's priced the same as the other Tide and Downy brands. I really like the Tide because you don't have to use as much detergent as the regular bottles, but it works the same.

Prayer List
  • Millard - pink eye
  • Nicholas got seriously hurt Friday night playing football. He was hit in the head and got messed up. He was rushed to UAB by ambulance with serious head trauma. He's doing somewhat better today. He's wearing a neck brace, he has headaches and a huge bruise on his forehead. The CT Scan was okay at the hospital, but his brain was swollen. They want him to come back Thursday for another scan and make sure there are no breaks or fractures.
  • My Mom was referred to another Nerve Doctor for her leg/hip. Her regular physician still seems to believe her problem is a nerve problem in her leg. She will go to this specialist a week from tomorrow. It's gotten extremely difficult for her to walk at all. I know it's killing her to not be able to do things she use to do. My Dad has decided to wait until Mom gets better before he gets new dentures. Right now, she's taking muscle relaxers for the pain.

Take care and God Bless.

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