Friday, September 28, 2007

AHS Homecoming '07

Last night, a group of us went to AHS' Homecoming game where Leslie had the privilege of being on the Homecoming Court. Wasn't she pretty? She seemed to glow all night, walking down the 50 yard line arm in arm with her boyfriend, #62 Cody, and later being the special feature with the band on the field during half time. If you would like to see the rest of the pictures, they are on our photo website.

I didn't pay that much attention to the opposing team's band playing during half time, but one thing did grab our attention. The band was playing Spanish music and all of the sudden the Color Guard, all of two girls, went to dancing around and waving their Spanish fans. Doug had to take a picture of the one that was dancing around a band member with a rose between her teeth. That was a sight!

Leslie got to play during half time with the band. It was a surprise to me because how could she march with her long dress. Needless to say, she stood on the edge of the field by the Drum Major and played her sweet heart out. It was a little unfair for the other band members because you could really hear her playing most of the time. That's alright because this was her night. It's all about Leslie!

Can you believe we took Katie with us to the ball game? Yes, this was her first football game. She was so excited to go to a "fooball game." At home, she was running wild telling us to "com'on, let's go to the fooball game." I was pleasantly surprised how well she did. She got a little wild with June. I packed everything I could think of for the game. She had her silly sack full of toys, backpack full of snacks and insulated bag full of juice drinks. We were a sight walking into the stadium with all our luggage, but she made it through the whole game. It was funny because when the crowd went crazy, she would holler out "Go Bama!" Too cute! Susan tried her best to get her to say "Go Dawgs." She kept saying "Go Bama" and that's alright. She even threw up the fist in the air hollering "Go Bama." That's our little Bama Girl. Around 9:00 she was going from person to person because I think she was getting tired and she didn't want to be still. She was however very still during the half time with the Marching Bands. I explained to her that they were like "The Little Einsteins." You couldn't distract her for anything while those bands played. I have to tell this story. When we first got to the stadium and settled in, Katie noticed one of Addison's Dance Team members. She was wearing a shiny gold dress with Go-Go boots and sprayed glitter all over her arms, legs and face. The first thing out of Katie's mouth was "there Tinkerbell." At first, we didn't know what she was saying. Finally, Susan and Maryann caught on to what she was saying. Every time Katie was one of the dancers with the gold dress, she would yell "Tinkerbell." So cute! She saw the dancers out on the field performing. She kept telling me, "there's Tinkerbell." Who would have thought! You can see the Tinkerbells pictures on our photo website.

Tomorrow starts the town's "Oktoberfest." There will be different things going on around town from now until the end of October. I would like to take Katie by the Catholic church for their "Germanfestival." Millard's company picnic is tomorrow as well. It's going to be a busy day! I've got to get serious about decorating for Fall. Katie and I made fall leaves, acorns, pumpkins & apples out of construction paper and displayed them on our windows around the house.

Have a great weekend and "Roll Tide!"

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