Sunday, September 9, 2007

Fashion Show

Well, lots have happened since I wrote last. I did get to go to the Fashion Show at church. I really didn't want to go by myself, so I thought I could at least give them to someone else who would like to attend. At first, I tried giving them both to Peggy and let her take another friend with her. Nope! She didn't want to do that. I spoke to Maryann and she told me Whitney was coming home. She said Whitney might be interested in attending. After Whitney got out of class on Thursday, I called her on her cell phone and she seemed excited to go. Doug told me he would have to work on Saturday, so Peggy offered to keep Katie while I went to show with someone else. Thinking everything was in order Thursday night, Doug tells me he doesn't have to work that day after all. I felt bad after that because I originally asked Peggy to go with me, but I couldn't find a babysitter. Poor Peggy didn't get to come, but I think she understood. I'll make it up to her some way. Whitney and I met each other at the church on Saturday morning. I don't know about Whitney, but I had a nice time. A couple of local retailers had displays out for women to look at their merchandise before and after the show. I have to back up and let you know why a church was having a fashion show. This past July a new organization opened their doors for the first time on the south end of town. The organization is called "Her Choice Women's Center of North Alabama". Its an organization designed for unwed mothers, who have chosen to accept the responsibility of giving birth to their babies. They also provide information and counselling. The community has really embraced this well deserved organization with open arms. Local churches, of all denominations, have come together to create a good way to raise money for them. In my opinion, they did an excellent job and I think it was a great success. They sold a little over 300 tickets at $20 a ticket. I'm sure there would have been more tickets sold, but our church will only seat 320 people in the atrium area. Plus, they had to think about walking room and a place to set the finger foods. All the tables were decorated with confetti, flowers and brochures. When you registered at the door, you receive a new George Washington Dollar coin in a keepsake case along with a few coupons from local retailers. My word the food! A local chef, which owned his own Italian Restaurant at one time, is now a chef for one of our private schools. I hated it when he had to close his restaurant because his food is so good. I don't remember the real reason why he and his family decided to close, but the school has appreciated him coming to cook for them. Anyway, he was the main chef for the event. He had puff pastries stuffed with chicken, shrimp & cheese spread, mixed fruit, cheese ball with crackers and a delicious shrimp dip with biscotti bread. Yummy! Oh my goodness, the pastries! Everything was scrumptious! Before the fashion show began, the leading ladies of "Her Choice" organization had a few words and a couple people sang. This one guy that sang "The Lord's Prayer" - WOW! He had the opera voice going for him. I usually don't care for a lot of opera singing, but it was so beautiful. I would have loved to hear more. The dresses and outfits were pretty. A local bridal shop, which also sells evening gowns had two breathtaking gowns. Whitney and I would ooh and aww when the gowns came down the walkway. For the grand finale, the group conducted gift drawings. I believe they said they had approximately 55 gifts to give away. I and two other women at our table got a gift. I won a gift certificate for a local clothing dry cleaners.

Doug watched Katie while Whitney and I went to the Fashion Show. I guess Doug had it pretty easy because he said Katie fell asleep soon after I left and woke up just before I came home. What luck! When I got home, we finished watching the ball game. ROLL TIDE! I sure hope Bama does this good all season. Doug told me that we play Arkansas next week and he said they are pretty good. So, I guess that game will be the real test for Alabama.

Soon after the game was over, we headed over to Maryann and Kevin's for Supper. Ryan came home for a few days from North Carolina. He seems to still really like his job and is meeting quite a few people. He hangs out with a few friends, he's made at work. He seems very satisified and ready to see what the future brings him. Katie found Natalie's clear plastic clothes hamper. She had so much fun playing with that thing. Ryan got to picking on her with the clothes hamper. I've got a few pictures with him and her playing with the hamper. So funny! She loves playing with her cousins! I felt kind of bad for Ryan because he got a heel in the gut from one of Katie's Princess shoes, while lying in the floor. I warned him that he was fair game to her if he laid in the floor. She thinks it is an open invitation to come and wrestle with you. I guess Ryan, Nicholas, and Jon liked it because she really got rough with them. As you know, Whitney got to come home this weekend as well. It's always good to see the kids and finding out how their life is treating them. Please keep her in your prayers. I don't think she would mind me asking for prayer for her. As you may know, she's in Nursing School and it can be very stressful.

I would also like to ask for continual prayer for my Mother. I don't think she's as well as she acts. She tells me she has good and bad days with her legs. She informed me last week, she quit Water Aerobics because she didn't feel it was helping her out. Ugh! She is still falling, which worries us all. As her daughters, we want to do something to help, but she makes her decisions. I also ask for additional prayer for our family that we might have patience and understanding with her. It has definitely been a challenge because most of us are afraid she'll fall and break a hip; therefore, ending up bound to a wheelchair or worse.

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