Tuesday, September 11, 2007

EBay Seller

Well I guess it's official, I'm a eBay seller. Doug and I talked about it and have decided not to go to the Florida State vs. Alabama game in Jacksonville, FL. We've been going so much here lately and I'm sure our bank account could use a well deserved rest. We were not expecting the tickets to be mailed to us because this rare football battle would mean the season ticket holders would have first dibs. Yesterday, I was surprised to receive our tickets for the game. We decided to sell the tickets on eBay. Not knowing what I'm doing, I slowly got it set up to sell. If your interested, check out eBay.

Today, I was about to loose my mind. As soon as I got up this morning, I didn't feel good (stomachache and headache). I wanted to go by UPS and get a shipping quote, replenish my church birthday cards, and pick up a few things from WalMart. I didn't need a bellyache today. I went ahead and got ready, but I had to stop every once in a while and take a break. Of course, Katie had to exercise her terrible twos during all of this and she has no patience. While out about in town, I had to stop and pray to continue with my errands. I just knew a time or two, I was going to head back home. I don't know what got a hold of me, but I refused to let it get to me. I did get all of my errands accomplished, but not in record time. When I got home, I put Katie to bed for a nap. I just got groceries put away, doing laundry and trying to set up my eBay selling account when Doug called. Here lately, he's gotten back into the habit of asking what I've done that day and then proceed to ask if I've done this and that and why haven't I done this and that. Ugh!!! It's infuriating and he knows it will put me in a mad mood quickly. Then, he thinks he's out of the skillet when he says "I was just joking." Whatever! He's wore out that card after twelve years of marriage. He needs to find new material! In the past and even yesterday, I gave him the warning that he's making me mad. For some reason, he hears more please more. I can't get enough! Ugh!!!!!! Whatever happen to a simple "I'm sorry," "I can be a jerk," and a flower or dozen. The only thing it would hurt is his manly ego. No, he has to be more insensitive by saying "That shouldn't have made you mad" or "I'm sorry, if that offended you" (while he's rolling his eyes). The preaching has ended. Wow, I needed that off of my shoulders. Thanks for listening. Yes, yesterday and today was a little stressful for me. Hopefully, tomorrow will be a better day. Like my Grandma Annie always said, "Every dog has his day and every cat has his way." It's true!

I tried another good recipe tonight. It's called "Au Gratin Sausage Skillet." Doug and I really liked it. The next time I cook it, he wants me to substitute Sausage for Chicken. The other day I made "Cheeseburger Casserole" and Doug really liked it. I'll post the recipes separate from my regular logging's.

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