Monday, September 10, 2007

Katie Loves Sunday School

Have I ever told you how much Katie loves Sunday School at church? We've gotten to a stage in her little life, if she sees us dress up she thinks we're going to church. She'll start running around the house telling Daddy and me to "come on, let's go to church." She'll go as far as turning off the TV, grabbing her dolls and heading to the door. If we're not going to church, she seems a little disappointed. Yesterday morning while I was getting her dress out of the closet, I told her we were going to church and seeing her friends. Her eyes got so big and she asked me if she was going to the playground. It tickled me and I confirmed that she would be going to the playground. She was so excited. She couldn't get dressed fast enough and she was ready to go. When we got to church, I have to fill out a safety sticker and then take her to her class. She wanted to go straight to the playground, so I had to explain to her that she had to go to her class first. She has this one little friend that always greets her at the door. Her name is Sadie. Sadie only stays in the class for the first hour, so I don't know if they play real good together. I'm still volunteering to stay with the 2 year olds once a month, but I volunteer for the second hour. When I get to Katie's class, Sadie is already picked up. While I'm thinking about it, Katie's little friend Sophie's family need your prayers. A lady from my church emailed me last night. The email said Sophie's Mom, Sasheri, had a miscarriage the other day. The pregnancy was all a surprise because Sash was taking birth control pills and she was barely pregnant when she miscarried. Regardless, I'm sure it would be so hard to deal with the disappointment. Carrie added in the email that Sophie and her brother, Walker, already knew about the pregnancy. Now, Sasheri and Josh has to explain to them what happened.

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