Wednesday, January 27, 2010

100th Day of School

Today marks the 100th day of school; therefore, all the students of Covenant School are encouraged to dress up like a 100 year old man or woman. Katie loved this idea until she got to school. She was up bright eyed and bushy tailed this morning waiting to dress up in grandma Jerry's stuff. As the morning went on, it got to where she said the glasses hurt her hair. She wouldn't leave the glasses alone,when I put them on her. She'd take them off and put them back on. The way she was putting them on, they would stick in her already pulled back hair. Of course, it hurt putting the glasses on this way. I'd tried to fix them and I'd see her do it again. Ugh! Children! Finally, I told her to put them in her backpack until we got to school. As soon as we got to school, I had a hard time getting her to put the glasses on because she said they hurt her hair. Whatever!

Katie and her friend, Olivia. Katie wasn't too thrilled having her picture taken at school. Blah!

Getting ready for next year's school year, Covenant School is having their annual Open House on February 7th from 2PM-3PM.

Daystar Church in Cullman has a project going on right now. They are collecting aid for Earthquake victims in Haiti. Covenant School's students are helping out. They've given the students a list of items to get for boys and girls. We are to fill up a gallon ziplock bag with gender listed on it. The deadline for Covenant students are not until February 5th, so I'm sure if you want to participate with the church, there's plenty time. If you'd like more information, send me a comment.

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Laura said...

Katie looks so cute! So looks so different with glasses!

If this was yesterday, Alise wore her hair up in a bun, too! On Monday, she had dance pictures and one of the teachers put her hair in a bun for me. She insisted on me putting it up on Tuesday, too!