Saturday, January 23, 2010

Great Weekend

I had a very enjoyable birthday weekend. I want to thank all of you for the warm and cheerful birthday wishes! I really do appreciate my family and friends remembering me on my special day.

I received a couple pair of beautiful shoes, Doug is too good to me. A fabulous pink purse that I picked out. I've never owned a purse that wasn't either black or brown. You talk about getting out of your comfort zone (lol), but I absolutely love it.

Some of you know, I've been using Doug's grillin' apron around the house while I bake. I've been keeping my eyes open for that perfect apron just for me. The only ones I could find were of solid color and very original. I loved Laura's apronshe received for her birthday, but I didn't want to get one exactly like hers. Well, Saturday night as we were waiting to be seated at P.F. Chang's for my birthday supper, we walked over to a new shop at Bridge Street. I don't know how long Le Gourmet Chef has been here, but I really like this little shop. It reminds me a little of a World Market. I didn't have long to shop in this store, but I found the apron that I've been looking for. It's says: "Queen of Everything." Doug giggled at me when I read it to him. Below is a picture of it.

We waited an hour and a half, close to two hours, before we were seated in P.F. Chang's. Oh, it was so worth the wait! I just love this place. We decided to get something different this time, so we ordered Mongolian Beef and Combination Lo Mein Noodles(shrimp, chicken & beef). I recommend it all! It was very good. I've never had Lo Mein Noodles before and I think I like them better than fried rice, it's not so filling. We are definitely ordering this again the next time. We also ran into some old friends of ours, while we were at Bridge Street. We all wanted to have a little catch up time, but unfortunately there was no time for that. (sniff sniff) When I worked, we all would get together at a different spot for dinner and play catch up. I enjoyed those times so much. Now, it's hard for us to get together.

Look What Colton's Doing
Peggy had her two step ladder out in the kitchen and Colton found it. The little booger climbed right up just like he knew what he was doing. He has never done this before, he acted so proud of himself. Of course, we cheered him on and I think Peggy took a picture of him trying to climb up again. He's been a little crabby and I can see a tooth coming through, so that's probably a lot of his problem. It's the top right tooth by his two front teeth. One thing I don't miss is teething. He pretty much doesn't want to do anything but for me to hold him. Poor baby.

Katie's School Update
Katie continues to improve at school. In fact, Mrs. Katie told me today how much she is impressed on Katie and how she is growing up in her school work. She's been doing a lot of work on her own now without any assistance from Mrs. Katie and bringing home a lot of smiley faces. She can count up to 40. She recognizes some of her letters, sounds and most of her numbers (up to 10).

Great Finds
I must of lost some inches in my waist, can't really see it, but I could put on a pair of pants this morning that I haven't been able to put on for some time now. Whell, I couldn't get them on unless I was laid out on the bed trying to pour myself in them. (lol) So, today we go back to the diet. I've seen advertised on TV "Jello Mousse." I noticed our Walmart had them in stock - - you talk about sheer decadence. I got the dark chocolate mousse and it is delicious! What's so wonderful about it is it fits great with my Weight Watchers plan with only 60 calories and 2.5 grams of fat (1 pt). Jello has other flavors if you're not much for dark chocolate like chocolate indulgence and caramel creme. I highly recommend them!

Of course, I saw this at our local Walmart, thought of my Texas relatives and decided to get it. Ha Ha! Love you guys!

Do you have your BCS Championship t-shirts yet? I would love to know what yours says, so please comment and let me know. I've seen so many different ones here. Soon after the game, I got Doug a shirt. I don't like it as well as mine though.

Prayer Request
I have a couple special prayer requests. I spoke to my sister, Susan last night. Jon, her son, has a knee that's swollen with infection. It's an injury he sustained a few months ago that's having a hard time healing because of his condition. He's not diabetic (not even borderline), but he's on medication to keep him from going that way. I hope this makes sense. Anyway, like any other teenager, he failed to keep the antibiotic cream on it and now it's set up with infection. The doctor, Sue took him, said if it gets worse or if it busts, he'll have to have surgery to get the infection out. Sue is all upset, especially if he'll need surgery in order to get over this. Please remember him in your prayers.

A man I know, Barry B. was just diagnosed as to having a brain tumor. It stretches out and down in his head. They don't know if it's cancerous or if it is operable. Barry is a (approximately) 45 year old husband and dad of two. I'm sure his wife is very upset because their friend and mine, Shannon P.(I've asked for prayer a while back), started out with a tumor in his brain. Unfortunately, Shannon passed away 10 months after his diagnosis. I ask you to please keep them lifted in your thoughts and prayers.

The Twilight Series
I finished reading "Eclipse" the other day. The beginning was a little slow, but quickly got very exciting. You talk about hard to put the book down for a second because something was happening every two to three pages. I'm still hopeful that Bella will reconsider the value of life and realize Jake is her soulmate. I know a lot of you feel Edward and Bella are destined for one another, but I'm partial to Jacob. Edward and Bella's love is just a fantasy in their own minds. It will never result to anything unless she's dead aka transformed. It's not a real love, in my eyes. They could never have a normal life with one another and still have ties to the true loves of her life (Charlie, Renee, Jacob and other friends). I know I would rather cuddle up to a warm body with a beating heart than a hard, stone cold nothing. The only thing she's attracted to Edward is his breath and good looks (lol). After reading the book, I've been teasing Doug a little about being my werewolf. Oh la la! I think he likes the idea somewhat. (tehe) Now on to the last book of the series, "Breaking Dawn." I've already started reading a few pages and I'm very excited to see how this tug-of-war love affair comes to an end. Until then . . . ta ta!


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Anonymous said...

I am glad to hear you had a great birthday! Tell Katie to keep up the good work in school. :)
Let me know what you think of Breaking Dawn! I won't say what I think until you are done because I don't want to give anything away ;)