Thursday, January 28, 2010

We're In Trouble!

Snap To It Girl Cheer
I believe Doug and myself are in trouble. I say this because my daughter, Katie, has taken my words and is turning them into a very catchy cheer. Last night, she was mumbling something and I wasn't paying too much attention. I thought her clapping in a pattern and snapping her head up and down was cute. This caught my attention, so I stood there in the bathroom as she was getting ready for her bath and listened to the cheer. "Snap To It Girl! (clap, clap, clap . . . clap, clap, clap)" as her head snapped back and forth. Where did she hear this I thought at first and then it dawned on me. I asked her, "where did you hear this cheer?" All shy now, "I don't know." (giggling) I asked her if she got it from me. She giggled some more. Now, let me back up. In the past I would give Katie some instruction and if she was off in Katieland (pretending not to hear me), I'd clap my hands and say "snap to it girl." Me saying this seemed to get her back to earth. I don't know if it's a girl thing, but she daydreams a lot. Like any child, she thinks the wind is blowing and it's not mama telling her to do something at all. What's sad is how she was able to take my words and turned them into cute cheers. As I was drying her hair, she told me to say the cheer with her. I had a hard time keeping it together because all I wanted to do was laugh, which would have been fine with her because that's all she did was laugh. Ugh! Man, are we in trouble!

Last night, I was checking in on Katie and Colton. It was precious, they were cuddled together in the corner of the room, playing. They were surrounded by blankets, pillow and toys. They were having a ball and Katie was pretending to tell Colton secrets. Apparently, he thought her secrets were hilarious because he would start chackling. The more secrets, the more laughter. It's a wonder if he's side didn't hurt from laughing so hard. One thing I enjoy is watching them play. They play so good with one another and she loves to make her brother laugh. It's just hard to get into her thick skull that there are limits because Colton is still a little baby. I have to say, she is getting some better.
I believe Colton misses he's sissy when she's not around. When he does see her, he's little eyes light up and he begins jumping up for joy. He gets mad, if he is in the Living Room and Katie goes to her bedroom, to play. He wants her with him at all times, but she's not allowed to play with her toys in the Living Room. Unfortunately, it was a mommy and daddy rule. Katie has so many toys that are really tiny and we fear Colton will get a hold of one and choke on it. So, it's best Katie's toys were not allowed in the room. However, Katie likes to play with Colton's toys too, so it works out.

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