Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A Tear

The first few days at the beginning of the school year, Katie would walk to her classroom by herself, while I watched her. She seemed pretty comfortable doing it. All of the sudden, she was upset every school morning because she had to walk to her class. Eventually it came to me walking her to class every morning. Thinking positive, I thought I had better enjoy it while it lasted. I know there will be a day when she would want me to drop her off a block away from school. I hope she'll never be embarrassed with me to be that drastic. Well, this morning I didn't know whether to get emotional (cry) or jump up for joy. As soon as I put the car in park, Katie jumped out of her car seat and announced, "I can walk to class by myself mom. You don't have to come." (sniff, sniff) I made it a big deal. I praised her, "you're such a big girl to want to go to your class by yourself." She was all smiles. Being a big girl is a very BIG deal around the Mason household. All Katie wants is approval by mom and dad. If she feels that she's not getting enough approval from us, she'll flat out ask if she is acting like a big girl. Of course, I'll see the need and go in to praising and recognition on her success. As I watched Katie walking to her class this morning, she stopped half way and waved bye to me. (tears whaling up in my eyes) I'm so proud of her. Now, we've got to wait and see if Katie walking to her class by herself, with mama watching her, will last. Next year will be a big blow, if she doesn't get use to the idea of going to class on her own. I say that because I've made friends with a lady that works at the Primary School and she told me that all children are dropped off at the front door. A school worker will unload the child out of the car and walk them to class every morning. It would be better for me, but I sure hope Katie will adjust.


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