Saturday, January 30, 2010

She's Only 4

Katie and I went trudging out into the still freezing weather, to complete her "Operation Kids Project" to Haiti. Now, try to explain to a 4 year old that buying items for a child in another country of a different origin. All you get are questions galore. "Is it for a boy or a girl? What does she look like? Where does she live? Why does she need bandaids? Is she hurt? What's an earthquake?" I didn't have a picture to show her what the children of Haiti looked like, so I think I made a mistake by describing them as having the same skin color as Katie's friends, Nia & Mia. I was trying to explain how they had dark skin. She understood. Unfortunately, she thought we were buying these things for Nia and her hispanic friend, Mia. Then she asked when we were going to Mia's house. Ugh! I tried to explain to her about the devastation of an earthquake. I don't think she could grasp all of what I was trying to tell her. She doesn't like to watch the news with her daddy and I, she says it's too boring, so she missed all the Haitian pictures and videos. I'm hoping to get online and find pictures for her. I think she would have a better understanding, if she could witness something visual.

We were suppose to fit all these items in gallon bags. I knew right away, it was going to be a challenge to get a blanket & pillow to fit inside a gallon bag. Thank goodness I found 2 gallon bags by Ziplock. I wished they sold 5 gallon bags because I think everything could have fit perfectly. I had Katie sitting right by me, helping because this was her project. She was so worried that she wouldn't be able to write her name on the card. Now that Katie can write her name well, she wants to write it on everything.

It was bugging Katie to death because she didn't know what the little girl's name was that we were helping. "What's her name? Why don't you know her name?" Doug told her that we needed to come up with a name. With a brillant idea look on her face, she said "I know what we'll call her? We'll call her Katie. I think she'll like that name. What do you think mom?" I agreed. She seemed so much more relieved now that she had a name. My Katiebug is something else.

Saturday Plans
We are planning on having mom and dad over for the day to watch the Senior Bowl, starts at 3PM. It should be pretty exciting to watch. Later tonight, Kevin, Maryann and Ryan are coming over for supper. I'm just hoping mom and dad can stay that long in order to join us. We bought a whole bunch of chicken tenders and fries. Doug's going to dip a few in wing's sauce. Normally, we dip them in "Frank's Wing Sauce." This time we're dipping them in "Budweiser Wing's Sauce."

Ryan's going back to NC, so we wanted to visit with him one more time before he left. He has been catching up on his deer hunting, day and night, the whole month he's been home. Katie loves it when Ryan comes to visit because he puts her on his shoulders and walks her around. Her head nearly hits the ceiling when he does it. Ha ha!


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