Monday, January 11, 2010

Colton's 1st Hair Cut

Colton is looking a little shaggy, so I felt it was time to give him a little trim. I hate giving trims. My hands shake the whole time, I get so nervous.

He loved having his grape sucker, while I tried to cut his hair. His hair is so fine that I had a terrible time keeping it still long enough to get the scissors close enough to cut without gapping it. Of course, Colton insisted on checking things out while I was trying to comb and cut. Ugh! Finally Doug suggested his mustache trimmers. What an excellent idea? I thought to myself. I put the guard on the trimmers and got after it. Whew! I finished about 30 minutes later. Ha! I checked out the new hairdo, making sure it looked okay. I even had Doug check it out. He seemed pretty happy with it. Now for the next several days, I'll be looking for mistakes.

He is just tolerating mama messin' with his ears. Doug laughed at me for cutting the tags of hair draped over Colton's ears, putting them in a piece of tape. He asked what I had planned to do with that. Of course, the hair was to go in his "First Hair Cut" container.

Our finished project.

Our handsome little man.

The other day, Katie drug the cricket chair into the Living Room. Colton likes this chair. We took this picture because Doug said, he saw Colton climb into the chair and sit down. He is holding on to his cow lawnmower. He pushs this lawnmower around the Living Room by holding on to the handle and walks on his knees.

Colton's getting to be a little more of a dare devil. As long as he is barely holding on to something stable, he is walking all over the place.

Katie and Colton are enjoying their suckers. On days that Katie has school, if you are green (good) all 3 hours, you get a prize from the treasure box. Katie loves suckers, so she is always bringing home suckers. This day, she just got home from school and I caught her sharing her sucker with Colton. I thought it was very sweet of Katie to share with her little brother, but was a little concerned about him biting into her very thin sucker, at that time. Colton was not a happy camper when I told his sister to stop letting him taste her sucker.

So, I gave him his very own and he was such a happy little man for several minutes. It's amazing what you can get done when you give your little one a sucker or snacks.

Happy 20th Birthday Nicholas

Nicholas turned 20 years old last Wednesday. He wanted to see all the family one more time before he had to head back to school. We don't know when the next time we'll get to see him before summer break. Even then, I think he is scheduled to shadow a doctor at the hospital in Mobile. So, I don't think we'll be seeing much of Dr. Nicholas this summer. I don't know if he has plans for spring break or not.

We gave him the ultimate gift - YOO-HOOS. He loves them! He was tickled that he had enough Yoo-hoos to last him the trip south. Ha Ha! I got a kick out it because he is on this BIG health/exercise kick. A lot of us couldn't believe how much weight he had lost, he is so thin. So, we've all tried to fatten him up a little, but he wouldn't cheat. He is more dedicated than I am. But then, I didn't get his favorite snack - chocolate donuts. I'd be really amazed if he refused them.


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