Friday, January 8, 2010

Bama Wins 2010 BCS National Championship

Just a few pictures of last night's event.

What a great game last night. Doug and I finally went to bed around 1AM after viewing all the post-game news. I guess we had to be reminded, "yes, Alabama really did win the 2010 BCS National Championship for the 13th time in the history of Alabama football." It was so exciting! I hated it for poor Colt McCoy. I really hope his arm will be okay. I don't like to see any player get hurt during a game. I'm sure that's got to be scary, arm going numb. Wow! Ingram, Richardson, Arenas and other great Bama players really showed what they were made of.

In a way, I hate that UT lost to Alabama on my cousin's, Allen, birthday. In the day, he played football for UT and still lives in Texas today. Wow, what a terrible birthday present to him. He has been giving us Alabama cousins a lot of smack talk for the past month, since we knew Alabama would for a fact be playing Texas for the championship. He's been throwing a lot of "Hook 'em" to me on Facebook. Of course, I had to give it back to him with a "cook 'em". LOL! I stayed on Facebook last night with all my buddies, doing the victory posts - ROLL TIDE ROLL! One friend made the mistake to announce, "steaks for everyone". It was suppose to be a joke until me along with her other friends began asking "what time do need to be there?" Ha! She was a good sport and asked how we like our steak cooked. HA HA!

Also, Pizza Hut has a great deal right now that you need to take advantage of today. You can purchase one of their delicious pizzas for $10. According to their advertisement, you can get any size, any toppings, for $10. I don't know about your area, but Pizza Hut pizza is expensive here. I think Doug and I are going to get one today for dinner.

Have a great day and ROLLL TIDE!


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