Sunday, March 21, 2010

Bama Groom's Cake

A friend of mine, Allison, wrote on her Facebook that we had to check out some photos from a baby shower, she helped host. She just didn't know she would help my soon to be nephew-in-law on designing his future groom's cake. LOL!

Chase, NIL, is a HUGE Bama fan, which is a great thing because he will be joining a HUGE Bama fan family. HA HA! He received the University of Alabama blanket I made for Christmas. He's eyes just light up when it comes to Bama football.

Whell, as I was looking at these "Dr. Seuss" themed baby shower photos, I was interested in reading this blogger. She took some excellent pictures of her little girl during the snow storms and birthday parties. And there it was . . . an Alabama Groom's Cake in all it's glory. Immediately, I thought of Chase. He would love this cake at his wedding. So like any other good future aunt, I copied it and posted it on Facebook for him to see it. It is so pretty to be a man's cake. Then, I thought why stop at Facebook. I must share this idea with my blog buddies. I think it is a great idea for that Bama fan's wedding.
Chase's mom, Kellie, saw the picture on FB. She wrote me back, saying that her and Chase loved the cake. She seems to think Leslie will like it as well. I'm so glad I found it. I like to think, it made his day. LOL!

Colton's Birthday
Well, this is the big week.  Things are slowly coming together.  I'm so glad his gift came in Friday.  Shew!  I know there was a chance it wouldn't come in until the day before his big day.  God is watching over me every day, I just slip up and get nervous.  There's no reason to get nervous.  I have to keep telling myself. 

I have a picture picked out to drop off at The Times, newspaper, for his birthday announcement.  I have my list of last minute things that I need to get from Wally World. 

I plan on taking Colton to Portrait Innovations after Easter.  I felt it would be best because of everything going on.  As I was trying to remember all the things we did for Katie's first birthday, I remembered I wanted to take a small cake and have pictures made with him eating it (playing with it).  It hit me like a ton of bricks, the diaper cover.  Ugh!  I borrowed the "1st birthday" diaper cover for Katie's birthday pictures, so I don't have one for Colton.  New list - Call Monograms Plus to see if they can get one monogramed for me. 

Normally, I use the PI in Hoover because I didn't really know where the one in Hsv was located.  I'm pretty happy with the studio in Hoover, so I may stick with them.  Today, we took a joy ride to the one in Jones Farm and it was a very nice area.  You have to really know where you're going in order to get there, but hey what's a Garmin for?  Right?  It kills me when I make a different turn then what it suggests and it starts talking "re-calculating." 

Be watching for Colton's first 12 months this week on the blog. 

Colton's 1st Photo Shot.  They were still checking him out.  He weighed 8 lbs. 15 oz. and 20 inches long.

Family members were waiting patiently for Colton's arrival

I was sick the whole time after surgery.  Don't you just love husbands with cameras?

Here he is!  Born on March 27, 2009

Look at those fat cheeks!

He got to meet his Big Sissy for the 1st time.  She loved him from the first moment.  She kept going on and on about his cute little toes, fingers and nose.  She has been a great sister to him.  He loves her so much!  In fact, today she was talking to Colton in the back seat this afternoon.  I heard her tell him that he was her best friend and she loved him so much.  My biggest prayer is that God will allow them to continue to be the best of friends for the rest of their lives. 

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Allison said...

I'm glad that in a round about way I helped you find the grooms cake! Jenny is an awesome blogger.
You should read back in 2006/2007 or so when she adopted her little girl Roxana from Kazakstan. Its a great read. She's expecting her first biological baby via her sister in law via surrogacy in May and that's why we had the shower.
It was so much fun to plan a Dr Seuss themed shower and I'm so glad everyone liked the idea. It was my idea, but Susan really implemented a lot of the details.
I just creatively collaborated, made the cupcakes, planned the games, and bought stuff! :)
Hope all is well there. Can't believe Colton is a year old already! Happy 1st Birthday Colton Mason!