Monday, March 15, 2010


. . . and no I'm not talking about the movie "Quarantine," which is an awful movie by the way. I'm talking about Colton and myself being quarantined from the rest of the family during the weekend. No matter how hard you try to keep everything Cloroxed and sprayed, some how virus germs always find their way in your household. Yuck! Colton, first started showing the signs, but I was confused. I didn't know if it was his premolars coming through or if it was a virus. All I could do was treat the symptoms. Surprise, surprise! Who should get sick next? Why yes, it's me! I haven't been this sick in a few years. Ugh! I absolutely hate being sick. Luckily, it seems to be a 24 hour germ. Poor Colton seems to be a little better, but he is having a hard time getting his appetite back.

My sweet adorable husband and daughter have been taking care of us, while we've been recuperating. Doug has been cleaning up messes and Katie is great at making sure that we are eating. She's brought me 3 courses of plastic play food yesterday and 2 courses today. She told me, I had to eat so I could keep up my strength. She even came into my room at one point with her doctor kits, checking my vitals.  She'd make a wonderful nurse some day. Doug gave me the best dose of medicine. He went to our local movie place and they had "New Moon" out for rent. Yay! Oh, it was so good. I enjoyed it so much that I watched it again this morning before Doug took it back. The second time around, Doug watched it with me. Of course, came all the questions and sarcasm because he hasn't seen the first movie. HA HA!

I could tell by this evening, he was tired of being Mr. Mom. He was fussying with Katie, while she was helping him put the sheets back on the bed. For some reason, he didn't find her jumping on the bed too funny. Soon his "let me help you darling" was replaced with "here goob." LOL! When I confronted him about it, {laughing} he said "I don't know what you're talking about."  Like me, he is a terrible liar.  I'm not mad, in fact I think he's done an excellent job taking care of Colton and myself.  I guess he deserves getting tired of the job description.

We received the beach dress today.  Katie tried it on as soon as I could get it out of the envelope.  Soo cute!  I should be receiving my order from Macy's soon.  I ordered a couple of shirts that were on sale. 

For the past few days, our meteorologist shows glimpses of the gulf during the forecast.  Tonight, I brought it to Katie's attention.  She got so excited.  "Mom I want to go to the beach."  In the same breathe, she asked me if she could wear her hair in pig tails while we're there.  She loves wearing her hair in "big" pig tails.  Most of the time, I put her hair up in small pig tails at the top of her head, especially during the Winter months.  She likes them, but not as much as big pig tails.


Laura said...

OMG!! I hope ya'll are feeling better! Can't wait for our beach trip! There is a cute,cute white embroidered dress at The Children's Place that I want to get Alise for the beach, but I'm waiting for it to go on sale!

thekeyes said...

im sorry you guys are sick. we haven't been that gret here either. i had to go to doc yesterday causei had a weird lump behind my ear. it is a swollen lymph. i didn't know new moon was out to rent i think i'll do that tonight. hehe.. if allan isn't home otherwise he will be the same as doug with the sarcasim and 50 questions. oh and i love your easter header too by the the way. hope you feel better today